No Gold Card


Vest said…
The names of the recipients are not inscribed on these medallions, neither are they to be seen on the commendation documents, presented by the Australian Federal Government.
This Faux pas can only be described as another total cock up by the Howard Liberal Govt and a cost cutting excercise to boot by bean counting Canberra Bureaucrats,
and embarrassed draft dodging Chicken Hawk politicians
Continue this saga by reading the previous two posts and comments.
Vest said…
Urgh. How can they make such nice things and not put names on them? I see why you're so upset.

WWII was probably the most important war in the last 1000 years. It really did determine the fate of the world. I'm grateful for those who fought and won the war for the good guys, because that war had clear good guys and bad guys.

I have relatives in both parts of the world, Europe, and Asia, who were affected by that war. The Japanese were going around raping all the good-looking women they could find and brutally killing any man who would start up for their honor. I don't think I need to explain what the Nazis did.

Plus, of course I have relatives in the States as well. Although I don't think either the Japanese or the Germans would have wanted a guerilla war in the U.S., just imagine if Germany defeated Britain and the Japanese knocked us out of the war and kept Manchuria, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia. The world would have been a nightmare.

I'm forever grateful for the alliance of our great nations. None of us would have been able to do it alone.

So, that said, thanks Vest. Thank you for your service, and thanks to all the other Vets who fought in that war.
Vest said…
I have decided to send back the commendation and gold medallion to John W Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia, in order that they grant my request to have them correctly inscribed with my full name.
Watch this post for any further info on this matter.
Vest - Awesome. Did you contact any traditional media?
Vest said…
ZS. Yes I have rattled a few chains.
I have written to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, Which has the largest circulation in New South Wales OZ. Which often publishes my gripes and whingeing letters, but still its great fun,It gives me something to get my teeth into when the weather is rough and I can't get the boat out to go fishing, Have a good day Mate, thanks for your comment.
tshsmom said…
Keep rattling those cages, you guys DESERVE BETTER!!!
Vest said…
My pc was down for two days at the crucial time when comments were expected on the gold card thingy, my stats jumped heaps later; but as I expected very few people put them selves out to to consider the plight of the minorities.
I had a verbal encounter with a lady selling legacy badges, which supposedly assists old war vets(AUS Born type)"Dont they get enough without asking me for charity I cant get a gold card I replied. "You have to fight in a war sonny Jim; that's how you get one, you tight wad" "I'll try to remember I replied"
I have been feeling a bit crook lately, lack of sleep and excersize the main problem, and right side aches something shocking.
Had a bit of banter on the daily flute yesterday, which seems now I have been given the arse by PB, win some lose some, so flutey if you cant take criticism you had best go back to Highgate cemetery and complete your learning of the commo manifesto while you are having your periods bucko, and to quote your favourite word when you lose the plot blocklos.
You might tell brownie also that he should ask Helen, Boynton or Mandy where he can parchase huge baggy red flannel Bloomers with galvanized gussets.

vest will take a rest for a while. but I'll be back.
Vest said…
Sorry, But I mean't to write the word PURCHASE.
Vest said…
No word from little John Winnie in Berra. Hardly likely either, too busy wallowing in the glory swill trough.
I still feel crook, the right side around the ribs is painful, I shall be seeing the Quack at 1030 am, this is when there should be a special God for us Nocangoists to appeal to for mercy.
Please all High and Mighty make me well and in return I shall not be rude again to your Prodigy Flutey.
Within 3 hours the best or worst will unfold, meanwhile I'll check the lotto.
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Previous comment failed to make the journey to the main post.
Vest said…
Its X ray time tomorrow, does not sound too good.Worry Worry.
tshsmom said…
Wish I could be there to hold your hand! Let us know what you find out.
Vest said…
tshsmom, you are so kind and helpful, we men are such wimps when involved with personal pain.
A man in hospital screamed in pain when having his dislocated shoulder relocated.
The nurse told him that a 18 year old first time mother in the next ward never made a sound delivering a 15 pound baby.
"Try putting it back" he replied".
Vest said…
Please feel free to E mail any posts and their comments,
Vest said…
Reply from the
Australian Government. Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.
Dear Mrxxxx (me of course)
On behalf of the Prime Minister, I would like to thank you for your correspondence received on 23 September 2005 enclosing your 60th anniversary of the end of WW2 war medallion.
The Prime Minister appreciates the time you have taken to convey your views to him. However, he regrets that due to the large volume of correspondence he receives, he is unable to respond to each item personally. Consequently, and to ensure that issues receive the attention they deserve, the Prime Minister has asked that correspondence be referred to his ministers for further consideration. I have referred your correspondence to the Minister assisting the Minister for Defence, the Hon De-Anne Kelly MP for attention, given that she is responsible for the developement of policy on the issuing of defence medals.
Again, thank you for taking the time to write to the prime minister.
Yours sincerely xxxxx
Ministerials Officer,,etc
tshsmom said…
They shoved you off on an ASSISTANT?! Politicians are such ASSHOLES!!!

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