Saturday Sept 10; "THE FAB FOUR" Best band on the circuit, great stuff, Always TEN OUT OF TEN.
Sunday Sept 11."RAGGEDY AN" Duo. Come again, An EIGHT point FIVE.

VEST Daily Gaggle.


Vest said…
This new post is a continuance of a previous post "How to lose patronage of your club" commenced May 05, which is now in the archive section. This includes heaps of info on various bands performance's and ratings.

OK, I told you my team would win the Cricket test Eng v Aus, It's impossible to lose with duo/nat.
Commiserations anyhow. W is a W.
Vest said…
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Vest said…
The Halekulani bowling club continues to improve its premises, lots of dosh being spent. The mystery is why are other clubs in NSW going to the wall or amalgamating with other clubs while the Halekulani Bowling Club a medium sized club is racing ahead and better still providing its club members with bar services costing 20% less than ALL neighbouring clubs; plus of course the free entertainment to members AND THEIR GUESTS, similar quality bands and entertainers are available at slightly larger clubs within the 5-10 klm radius where your drinks will cost an arm and a leg and the entertainment between $10 to $40 a ticket, in any case its too far to drive home when your pie-eyed.
Friday Sept 16 'Caught in the act' Another great duo, well presented, A nine out of ten, and a welcome back.
Saturday Sept 17. 'Whiskey River' seen them before, great presentation, country music, a nine point five out of ten.

Check out my latest post on the Gold Card etc,
Vest said…
Halekulani Bowling Club Entertainment Friday Sept 23, Tim Pringle, Good stuff an eight and a half. Sat Sept 24 'The Fabulous Belvederes, a nine point five.
Club goer's : read Fridays Express Advocate or collect a pamphlet from the club desk, for news of club activities.
PC owners cannot get this info from their Website, WHY!!!
Vest said…
posted a 12 line comment computer lost it, bad feeling blogger down I may get back later
Vest said…
Up goes the cost of booze at Halekulani, but still much cheaper than most clubs.
Most W/E entertainment, bands etc have been commented on over the past few months, pity the club does not advertise on their website the forthcoming events, why???you can find out in the local rag, if you have one that is, or telephone the club 43909900
Due to my declining health and having far better and more important things to do; coupled with a lack of response,(comments) this will be my last post; Vest You Forget, feel free to comment on my other posts, and remember no obscene language. Adios Amigos.vest
Vest said…
The Halekulani Bowling Club management may if they wish, advertise their forthcoming entertainment on this website. Please contact me by Email.
Anonymous said…
could'nt help hearing your remarks after leaving the club premises last night at 9-30 pm-- when i believe you used the F word to compliment your remarks.
you were correct in saying to the smoking staff members outside the club that it was beyond their jurisdiction.
The sillyness of the situation was kept up by the two staff members who were heard to pass the caustic remarks pissoff www-idiot-dot-com and shove off sweety pie as you walked to your car.
This sort of behaviour should not happen, two wrongs dont make a right-you and the staff--what a pity the staff concerned behaved so childly. what started the verbal tirade i'll never know- but as an aquaintance of yours- i'll talk to you later. Mandy
Vest said…
Thank you Mandy for the unnecessary exposure you have given to me and those club staff members of the un-named club.
It would best for all concerned if you would M Y O F B in future.
I commented to grinning staff guys who I believe passed a un-complimentary remark in the first instance; to me; on leaving the club. My remark being," The music was frigging awful", and you Mandy apparently are aware of the remaining saga.
One identifiable staff guy; a tall bald headed numbskull who was born with two heads is to be pitied, it is well known that he is inane and irrational, and should be avoided.
Mandy,I am not pleased, at all and I suggest you E mail me in future, also this post is in the achives and rarely visited so I shall not delete your comment. Vest daily gaggle.

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