The Book by the well known Author 'JOHN LEONARD SPENCER, Titled ' WAVING GOODBYE TO A THOUSAND FLIES'; Has spawned a great deal of interest in the term ' Wobblies', used frequently by a charactor in his book, when describing Ladies breasts or what was, as the new cult followers state; were once referred to as TITs And other common names.
JOHN LEONARD SPENCER, is now promoting his book on this site.
EXCERPTS from his book may be read by clicking on the book Cover image.
Some excerpts referring to the term wobblies are as follows.

Bob then continued saying " Uncle Albert had described me as an unusual sort, who had not only a fetish , but a gourmet attitude whe it came to to ladie's Wobblies.

We had a different conductor on the bus on the way home, he was more considerate than the other conductor who objected to my groping Emily's wobblies, and suggested I share my coat with the young lady who was asleep and shivering. I then removed my warm hand from my glove and caressed her Wobblies, which brought a beautiful smile to Emily's face.

It was rather dark in the cinema, Emily kissed me full on and placed my hand on her left Wobbly, for an almost sixteen year old this was fun.

I have read this book and thoroughly recommend it, worth re- reading, some parts more than just twice. Well, what are you waiting for, get it now, Its hot.


Anonymous said…
so you crafty sod you have a Wobblies post too like The Zombieslayer--lets make it a rule mate you dont give me shit and I wont get back at you
Vest said…
Hello G F T. You sir must understand that I make the rules or break them if the need arises. Feel free to comment; but keep the smut to a minimum. have they given you the push from the states, I wonder why? you should not torment the fairer sex the way you do, even if they are old and ugly, so be nice in future George or you will be sent back to GOZO. ha ha.
Anonymous said…
look vesty I dont think your remarks to me were nice..on the zombieslayer blog ..ive been looking at that book well ----- no i did not mean it sorry..and 28 is my age not my IQ clever dick.
Vest said…
Malcolm 28. (IQ 28) Your remarks about Ms Jones on ZO slayer were soul destoying. You do not have the divine right to dissect people's lives the way you assumed they lived, like I have told you before jelly head, please get your self a life, P Off, Goodbye, dont return on this blog site, not even to apoligize.

Dickhead of the year candidate.
tshsmom said…
Thanks so much for you words of cheer on my blog. You're one hell of a human being and have a great sense of humor.
Well, the Mrs. says wobblies is funny and doesn't mind me calling hers wobblies. However, I still like hoo hoos.

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