FIRST OF ALL WE CELEBBRATE THE QUEENS BIRTHDAY on the WRONG DAY. The second Monday in June. The Queens birthday is actually the 21st day in April.

SECONDLY THE BRITISH REMEMBER THE FALLEN IN WAR on the nearest sunday to the eleventh day of November. Is this in order to eliminate the workforce from indulging in yet another public holiday on REMEMBRANCE DAY. NOV 11

YESTERDAY Wednesday 29 June 2005. THE BRITISH STARTED THE 200th ANNIVERSARY OF THE (Sea) BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR CELEBRATIONS. ( Admiral Horatio Nelson and the HM SHIP of the line HMS VICTORY, currently preserved in dry dock in Portsmouth England and aged about 240 years, being the main attraction, together with a large contingent of British Commonwealth and visiting foreign Warships). The problem is, myself not being dimwitted as their Lords and Commissioners of the Admiralty(M O D: NAVY) seem to be, would like to point out that, the BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR WAS FOUGHT ON; THE TWENTY FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER 1805. Incidently; it was on a MONDAY, not on a Wednesday.
Admiral Horatio Nelsons Flag signal at the yard arm read(I believe this is close to being correct)
"TODAY ENGLAND EXPECTS THAT EVERY MAN WILL DO HIS DUTY" . Admiral Horatio Nelson died during the course of the battle.


tshsmom said…
That's sort of the reverse of what our country does. We make EVERYTHING a Monday holiday, so everyone gets a long weekend. I'm surprised they haven't tried to make Christmas and Easter Monday holidays!
Vest said…
tshm; Here in Australia we have numerous long week ends commemorating long forgotten events of the past.
One peculier Australian invention; although not yet a public holiday thingy, is, would you believe 'CHRISTMAS IN JULY', thought to be the brain-child of a homesick ex patriot Englsh looney. Mind you, Xmas here in Oz is usually a pretty warm 30deg plus cel, today here on the eastern seaboard it is wind and rain and 60deg cel. Enjoy your northern summer.
B T W. Easter Monday is a holiday in Australia.
We do that too in America though, although making everything a Monday so we could have a 3-day weekend.

In addition to our national holidays, there are two other days I refuse to work on - my birthday, and Mrs. Zombieslayer's and my anniversary.
tshsmom said…
Oh my God!! If it's that hot when it's raining, I sure wouldn't want to be there when it's not!! I get extremely cranky in the heat.
We have Christmas in July here, too. It's mostly a marketing scheme where the stores will have sales.
Vest said…
My sincerest apoligies to every one,tshsmom in particular; who spotted my major 'cockup'.
Comment 2 on this post should read: 60deg Fah or 16deg Cel, not as stated 60deg Cel.
In contrast to yesterday, we have a light wind coming from the south east, temp 65 Fah or 18 Cel, clear skies and a beautiful sunrise; here on the beautiful central coast of N S W in OZ 'The lucky Country'
I occasionally have my critics; mostly from the Northern Hemisphere countries, the rule of thumb is simple, the opposite wind temp applies in 'that' other hemisphere.
Like trying to explain to landlubbers that, a Neap tide is the lowest high and highest low and that a Spring tide is the highest high and the lowest low ????
tshsmom said…
THAT temperature I can live with! It's around that temp. here right now. Raining again too, damn!! My back yard is a pond again.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
George from tassie. You have been barred from this blog, dont ask why and dont come back, try to do something useful with whats left of your miserable life.
Ben said…
Is it any wonder why our ancestors left that part of the world, but we manage to get 3 day weekends.
I especially hate when schools/universities decide to change the day off (to commemorate a holiday) to whatever suits them. /huff

By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. I feel like I could write a book about my life, but alas, I am not famous. :-P
Anonymous said…
This is a most unusual blogsite - and I am gradually going through all of the archives-I feel onside with most of your opinion- loved the book excerpts, my order is in for two one for myself and one for my grand dad- I shall be back. Rick.
Anonymous said…
The books by John Leonard Spencer- arrived about 3weeks ago- My grand dad reads the juicy parts over and over-and I fell in love with Emma and Emily - and your other lovers too were something we only dream of - your travels were absorbing - also your adaptation to changing lifestyles - I thoroughly reccomend reading 'Waving goodbye to a Thousand Flies' Rick.

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