Australian Values differ from those of our neighbour Indonesia

Chapelle Corby, The 27 year old Australian beauty consultant,Will be incarcerated in a Indonesian prison for the next 20 years, for allegedly smuggling 4.5 kilos of Marijuana.
Corby will receive no special privileges apart from comfort gifts of food and personal items. It is not expected that, the Australian Govt will assist Corby, or interfere in the case.

A un-named Indonesian drug offender, serving 4 years in a Australian prison for a similar offence, has been afforded the privilege of 'Day Release', so that he is able to earn aprox Aus$400-00 per week to enable to him to support his Indonesian dependants.

The Senior Indonesian Judge responsible for the conviction of Corby, is paid a salary To the equivalent of Aus$7,000-00 per Ann.

A Single Australian Male; Dole Recipient,is awarded the equivalent of Aus$12,500-00 Per Ann. for doing absolutely sod all.

The Indonesian Prisoner In Australia on day release earns the equivalent of Aus$20,800-00 per Ann.

Now this info is available in Indonesia, We can now expect a plethora of Indo drug courier zombies arriving in OZ to enjoy the good life.


tshsmom said…
Sorry to see that our country isn't the only one with this type of problem.
Absolutely amazing. Reminds me of the American bumper sticker - Work harder, millions of people on welfare depend on you. Expect them coming in by the thousands.
Anonymous said…
I am from england too and iam as smart as you or more.. how do you know these facts here are true,
Vest said…
Oh dear here we go again. Stopping short of murder, did I not ask you politely; not to comment here again, you being English does not give you a divine privilege to bend the rules. Malcom 28 sir, or should it be Malcolm (IQ 28 cur), A Fact, is a Statement of authenticity, hardly an un-truth. The only exceptions to the rule as far as I recall are those facts stated by dodgy politicians and crimminal defence lawyers.
Malcolm 28, I Have an uncanny feeling I may be smarter than you, The state of your writing skills may give me the edge.
I sometimes wonder that you could be; or, could be related to a certain Daniel Hoffman Gill; Who too is a complete asshole and hails from England, he has the brain of a Rocking horse, I suspect you may have too..Adios, Jellyhead.
Anonymous said…
I dont blog and I am new to this.. its hard to make comment on blogs..unless you are a are english and are you supposed to be stiff upper lip types doesn't seem like it to me jeeze you gave thatlast guy some thing, I will read your writeups or is it posts and come back Paul
tshsmom said…
You know, as filthy as Dan's blog is, maybe Malcolm IS Dan. The IQ would fit either way! Nice putdown Vest!
BTW, I know for CERTAIN that you're smarter than Malcolm!
Uh oh Vest. Now the Political Correct police are knocking on your door too. You have my condolenses.
Anonymous said…
Hallo vest.a rather unusual monniker, you dont seemto get into the political arena much, why is this.
Vest said…
Edwin: I assume you hail from the silvertail suburb of Forestville, Sydney Nth Shore, where our scandal ridden Fed Health minister; Tony Abbott resides.
Edwin, have you ever thought about matricide or was it your father who gave you that name which sort of runs neck and neck with Edna.
I shall refer to you in future as Eddie, it gives you a tougher edge.
My reason for veering away from political issues is that, there are a plethora of websites already into this morass of mis information, being churned out and rehashed by enemployable looney over the hump journo's academics drunken lawyers etc.
On the lighter side, I suggest you visit the daily flute. Flute is a nice person to best describe him. he adds the humorous touch to his posts.
However, if you require the heavy going difficult to grasp codswallop and drivel which attracts single line and some times obscene comments, you need to go to the website 'Troppo Armadillo' some of the contributors are K Parish, Geoff H, Mark B, Jen, and Nabakov and Boynton. dont blame me if you go around the twist, reading their inane worthless scribblings.
Anonymous said…
How to win friends and influence people.
tshsmom said…
Junior-I see you have your Dad's sense of humor; LOVE it!

Vest-Did you get my email? I received one from you after I sent mine.
HEY! Now name calling ain't nice is it?

Just cuz some of us aren't racist facists...
Vest said…
Hello Daniel Hoffman Gill. Nice to catch up with you again, you haven't changed at all, still holding on to the bitter British pommie attitude.
I have been to your web site, getting into the gay scenario are you. I am enjoying a break from blogging and have informed others too, I may return next week, I have scores of xmas cards to deal with, BTW Have a nice Christmas.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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