If you are told not to walk across the paddock wearing a red shirt and get gored by the bull in doing so, you are an IDIOT.
Put your head in a Lions mouth or stand in the middle of the freeway in dense fog or put your goolies under the office guillotine to check it out, you are an IDIOT.
It is no less stupid; especially after being constantly warned of the severe penalties available to Loonies who are less intelligent than a sniffer dog, to go to a foriegn country and attempt to smuggle drugs either in or out, with the prospect of a mandatory death sentence being imposed if apprehended. So you are smart and get through one end of the journey, well there is another search at the other end. Maybe you will get away with it the first time, but not always, soon you will become careless and be caught.
So if you are travelling with drugs in your possession you become a danger to yourself as well as others. I am not in favour of capital punishment, however a sound thrashing periodically administered with a large rattan cane to perpetrators of these crimes while serving a minimum sentence of Five to Ten years; could become a possible deterrent, this punishment should be shown on the television with full sound effects as a deterrent too.
However, if you are an IDIOT pot smoker and suffering ill effects by doing so, I hope your suffering becomes worse. For those on the more expensive habits and contemplating an O D, hurry up, we can't wait to get rid of you.
A re introduction of the stocks and pillory, displaying offenders in public places may also be a great Idea.


Anonymous said…
My girlfriend and me -also my mate and his wife have cancelled our booking to Bali- others i hope will follow. We leave our baggage at syd airport and we dont see it til we go thru customs at the destination- this where things go wrong, why not a search before we board and a clearence certificate given- even then tampering might happen and even with a clearance cert things could be scary- trying to convince those death seeking morons in Bali. we say stuff Bali- let the politicin nerds suck up to these indo bastards we wont again F----k Bali
Vest said…
Nearly deleted the last comment. The six letter 'F'word had me stumped.
There must be alternative Whoopi places which are not too far off, instead of a stressful dangerous trip to Bali. Travel agents should get moving on this one, but must be cheap like Bali.
Anonymous said…
I'd be fucked if I would go to Bali for a holiday now Shit. Someone could easiliy fuck you up and then your dead. It's all too easy to get framed. Despite the fact that the current doods are complete fuckwits for getting involved, who even in their right mind would go to Bali now. Scary shit indeed. Hey! Excuse me for swearing, but I like to speak down to earth and with expression... And I have not even insulted anyone. Good on yer mate for a sink ya teeth in blog with bite!
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
If I continue to accept this sort of language, it may become like the accepted filth on spin.
Ok Chris you made your point,thank you for your comment, but please keep the F's and S's in the dunny where they belong. Anyone else using unnecessary (Caz-usual) filthy language will get the chop.
Anonymous said…
I assume you are ranting on about the Fat stumpy 20 year old slag of a lesbian from Alphington?
Vest said…
Tony. I'll have a guess that,you were the Tony on the original post 9-4-05, commenting about gay pollies.
Thanks for the info, but I am unfamiliar with this person mentioned above, If I were, her description would be indelible to me. If you wish to comment further, giving more details, I will delete at your request, any comment you wish to make.
hip said…
Blister me follicles . . .
I seem to remember it was the hippies that kicked your baby-killing asses out of VietNam, now you military types be joining the "war" on drugs. You're addiction seems to be for mayhem and slaughter! You gonna kill 9 kids so's some junky in Sydney has to steal more to cover the price hike. Hey, and how about that "ghani" crop last year - biggest ever! You should be thanking Howard's support for the Northern Warlords for that. But, naw. Lets just toss a few more Australian kids to the machine.
It's true the kids are morons, at least half of us are below average in everything, but they will die for political ideology. Dogma. This blog is excellent. This post doesn't become you. Meanwhile, your shout.
Vest said…
Thank you ToH for your comment,I have recently returned from the local clubs brahms and list. Despite reading your comment several times I have come to the conclusion you must be as piddled as legless newt, so I shall try to fathom out your gobbledegook tomorrow when I, and possibly you will be sober too.
Vest said…
Hi ToH. Your title reminds me of a similar title, 'As dim as a Toc H lamp'.
I am uncertain of your age group, but your flippant attitude would suggest a mental age of twenty years, a typical gung-ho 'P-Plate attitude to life; like off your face in the fast lane.
Myself Very mature, with it, like to tipple occasionly; not addicted, never personally involved in drugs, carnal catarrh, beard growing, or tattoos; despite being in the Royal Navy 25 years.
I was never involved in the Vietnam conflict or the wholesale slaughter you mentioned, but I do recall involvement in Korea 1950-53 and defensive action during WW2, assisting Kamikaze pilots to die, 'It was what they wanted anyhow'.
I would hardly consider myself to be responsible for the production of Opium in Afghanistan or the plight of overseas drug offenders, the laws and warnings promulgated are as plain and clear as the nose on ones face, the only person responsible for such an act of gross stupidity is ones self.
I sincerely hope that the 'Bali Nine' will be dealt with favourably and a lot of good comes from this excercise. Have a nice Mothers day.
hip said…
Vest, with respect,
Don't let it be said that by our ignorance we killed these stupid twerps, and by our timidity allow the real crims to retire, unmolested. You appear to have your priorities confused.

As for the post, you should have seen the other 700-odd words I edited out.
Australia doesn't do Death Penalties, we use Qantas.

My grandkids, on the other hand, reckon you got it about right ("mental age of twenty" got them chuckling in unison), and I unreservedly appologise for for being rude. (I'm an idiot by inclination, not chemistry.)

Please don't recommend killing our kids, and I won't recommend sending you back where you came from.

the Old hippy.
Vest said…
toh. Editing in most cases removes the true meaning of the writers message, individual persons in my opinion, come with their own set of credentials, be it shape colour size or perception, style; I believe it is called by the 2% of readers who bore themselves to death plowing through pages of text book philistinic grammar. I write as I see it through my own eyes not as a programned zombie. If one edited and corrected an 'Adrian Mole' book for example, there would be nothing left but bum paper.
B/9. I have not suggested they should suffer the death penalty, far from it, caveat emptor, when in Rome. Read the rules. you want it pal you cop it.
It should not be necessary to tell people as they alight from the plane they they will be shot dead if they are carrying drugs.
Remember one thing, I am an Australian by choice, I do not have your problem of being one by birth, lets knock out this bigotry thing, in most cases Aussies would have to dig up their forebears if the P G H rule applied.
You must have nice grand children, er indoors and I have eight, terribly expensive relos. Gotta go see ya.
Anonymous said…
Ht2BJB write more, thanks.

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