Dozing DODDering Judges In Dreamland

Doddering dozing dreadfully incompetant judges making decisions, or passing judgement on court proceedings that they have little if any; inkling of.
Apparently there have been many occasions where Judges - Magistrates and the like have been seen to nod off during court proceedings and then passing judgement.
Surely the public should not have to put up with this sort of behaviour, and if proven the crown(Govt) should be made liable to bear all costs of a further hearing.
Are we sliding back to the hanging Judge Jeffries and Drunken Judge Adv Bowyer-Akins style of justice.


Anonymous said…
Obviously you have used this post to highlight the recent reversal of judgement for a large compensation payout to a woman- Who claims that the judge fell asleep at some time during the hearing, thereby missing vital facts important to her side of the argument.
It is my opinion the case should be re-heard and all costs to be borne by the Crown
Anonymous said…
Hear Hear, Very well said.
Anonymous said…
Dodgy judges every where mate,one afew weeks back knocked off his owm blood sample. a lot know how to dispense the law at the same time engaging in questionable activities themselves.
Anonymous said…
Now to add to the list of high profile offenders we have , the NSW Govt planning minister Craig Knowles, pissed as a Newt.
A speeding Police Sergeant recently and today a former liberal staffer of the state opposition leader John Brogden; on an attempted murder charge.
Anonymous said…
And there's more. Dozy doddering judge Dodds is in the news again, asleep on the job. Absolute deriliction of his duties. Asleep on duty in the forces meant at least a month in the slammer,I say put the bastard in jail. And vesty old mate whats with those four top nsw Bent coppers, they havent been charged but some thing smells fishy.
Anonymous said…
It is a well known fact ... that people having a knowledge of the law gives them the advantage over other persons by being able to bend the law... I wouldn't be surprised if the Ratio of felons was higher among bankers.. lawyers.. coppers..doctors..and r/est agents than non professional people
Vest said…
There are many tainted people among the ranks of the proffessionals, most are eventually brought to book by those who we assume are honest.
Of course it has been said that, "It takes a Crook to catch a Crook" and it is the opinion of many that,'The greatest crime of all is, Injustice'.
Anonymous said…
And seems Judge Dodds is again in the news, so far, according to the daily telegraph he has notched up and blotched up five major court cases due to him sleeping on the job, and the telegraph would like to hear of any similar situations
Vest said…
New Claims of Sleeping:
COURT NAPPING. JUDGE DODD ALIAS JUDGE NODDOFF,fell asleep several times in each of Six separate court cases.
The Daily Telegraph; my favourite newspaper has the complete story on this TIRESOME Judge on page 5 Frid May 6 05.
Do you know of a court case in which Judge Dodd the Nodd fell asleep? or any other similar situations where Magistrates or Judges have drifted off to dreamland. If so, I would like to hear about it. If it requires investigation, I suggest you contact >> <<, which is seeking further info on this problem.
Anonymous said…
well not only did he get off scot free but they orchestrated his retrement so as not to stink up the proverbial shop my cousin was tried in front of this guy and is now serving 13 1/2 years after pleading not guilty to a drugs charge they had no evidence for and that he didnt commit . they set up the medical chek in april and he's retired in july . after however he was found incapable of driving a vehicle in june . does the rta really have more power than the judicial commissio . furthermore as of his retirement the investigation launched by said commision has ceased,and they diidnt bother telling us for a bloody month after it happened . who the ........ do they think they r
Anonymous said…
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