It was nearly one month ago when I fell asleep at this desk and as a result suffered multiple bruising and together with a hand injury which peeled back about 25% of the skin on my right hand Well I am pleased to say it has healed well but has left a nasty scar across my hand, although I am causious about it's use I shall become accustomed to it over time... time er yes time. of course that may be several more falls I hope, plus a a summer or two. On behalf of my dear departed Rosemary , I would like to think That She would love the name of the new granddaughter "Rosie" Love You Rosie xxx. Congratulations Steve.


I am glad that you have healed well - and hope you can avoid more injuries. I really hope it.
And of course Rosemary would love to welcome her new namesake.
Anonymous said…
It sounds like you heal more quickly from such skin injuries than do I. The name connection is nice.
Lee said…
It's great to "hear" from you, Vest. You are never far from our minds...take good care...and congratulations on your new grand-daughter, beautiful. :)
Congratulations on your new granddaughter. Rosie is a delightful name, and it must bring you great joy to have your beloved's name perpetuated within the family. Glad to hear you're recovering, dear man. Please take good care of yourself.
Susan said…
Hello, Vest.

Good to hear from you. You, dear sir, are an inspiration. It's hard, they say, to keep a good man down... I believe they must have been talking about you. Take care of yourself, okay? The world can never have too many good men.

Best wishes,
Vest said…
The word causious is a typo found in the first comment- should read, as cautious.
Jane Stokes- Honour said…
Lovely to hear from you. You are often in my thoughts. Sending lots and lots of love xxxxxxx

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