St Christopher's Church, Johore Bahru, Malaysia

It was on the 20th of June 1953; 67 years ago, when Rosemary, my dear departed wife and best friend and I were married at St Christopher's Church in Johore Bahru.

Love you, Rosemary.


Precious memories of a precious woman.
TIM. said…
Happy 67th Anniversary Dad
Vest said…
Rosemary and I lived at 4B Jalan Kemaman, JB, and at 1B Lorong 1, Jalan Storey. J Bahru.
Number one son Christopher was born in the Brit Military Hospital, Alexandria Road Singapore 23-9-1954.

BMH Singapore was the scene of the Feb 14 St valentines day Massacre in 1942, when all of the staff and patients were Murdered By the imperial Japanese Army. Lovely people the Japanese; Met a few during the Pacific war.1944-45. VEST NOT FORGET.
Sue said…
Belated wishes for yesterday Les, I loved your Wedding Day picture. You and Rosemary looked very happy. Wish I knew that was the hospital your firstborn son was born in, I would have visited when I was in Singapore last October. Terrible atrocity what happened in the war. But I did also visit Japan last year in April too and it was an amazing place to visit.
Anonymous said…
What better memory of you wife could you have than when you married.
Vest said…
SUE. My first visit to Japan was while on the Battleship "HMS King George V" late Aug 1945, the third ship to enter Tokyo Harbour at the end of WW2. I was also in the Guard of Honour at the British Embassy in Tokyo for the 'WASHUP" and final details of the surrender of the Japanese Empire. The British Embassy was one of few buildings mostly intact due to partial destruction of the Japanese capital.
This could provide a further story from my memoirs. In later years I visited Sasebo a couple of times during the Korean war on HMS CEYLON. and again while on HMS Scarborough in 1960 visiting Tokyo and the ETA JIMA Officers training base. I have little or no .interest in returning. beautiful as you may say now, but to me, the atrocities of the past still linger on. thank you for calling.
Vest said…
Andrew when I turn on my Computer the first full-screen picture is of my beautiful wife at age 82, a beautiful smile and hardly a wrinkle, Rosemary is always with me.
Hi Uncle Les. Thinking of you today? Auntie Rose was lovely lady and is very sadly missed by us all, hope the happy memories you both shared together will be of some comfort? Myself and Salina are fine and hope yourself and family are?
Sending our love to yourself and the family and stay safe?
Love Nigel and Salina.
Sue said…
I am sure you would have different memories. All wars would. We visited Japan in Cherry Blossom season. We also visited Busan in South Korea and the United nations war cemetery, a truly sombre but powerful experience.
Vest said…
Sue. I too visited Busan which during the early days of the Korean war was somehow spelt Pusan. It was in 1950 when the Gordon and S Highlanders(Poison Dwarfs) as a certain German President named them; also the Middlesex Regiment were brought from Hong Kong to Korea. The first casualty was a 19-year-old soldier from the Middlesex Regiment.
Good Morning Les. Hope you are well. Looks like we are coming out of hell. East Anglian hospitals are free of virus patients. I have been going out the last two weeks wearing a mask which does make you feel safer. Went shopping last week and was asked to go to the front of the Queue. Asked why and she said I looked vulnerable. Still, didn't think it was right. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Edward Jones 183 WNTS.

Vest said…
Edward. Apart from New Zealand, we in New south wales in Australia have the lowest incidence of COVID 19. BTW you are not getting any younger, it is a general conception by well-meaning people that when you become aged you are not the full Quid, yet some people half my age are endowed with less brainpower than a rocking horse. Stay safe.
Lee said…
Your love for your beautiful Rosemary lifts and warms my heart, Vest. You are a good man. Hold dear your cherished, loving I know you do. :)

Keep taking good care.
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