A Career Criminal


This is very interesting.


And none of it alters the fact that the way he died was simply wrong.
Vest said…
EC. What you say is true. However, had it been a person of another race; ie; Asian European Arabic for example hardly an eyebrow would have been raised.
I hope it would be (here at least). I am a firm believer in accountability. For Derek Chauvin to appoint himself judge, jury and executioner sticks in my craw. I have also read that there have been multiple complaints about his rough treatment of prisoners (some which even resulted in a reprimand being placed on his file). I have no idea about the racial identity of earlier complainants.
Lee said…
I'm sure 99% of us do not agree with the way Floyd died. That cop, Chauvin has much to answer for, and has to be charged...

But making Floyd out to be a martyr is so, so wrong. (One only has to see glimpses of the his funeral service to see he is now being held up as some kind of angel!!)

The guy was criminal...he had the record to prove it!

The world is in such a mess...or, its inhabitants are!
Poonam Rao said…
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