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We first met aboard ship where I had a brief Acquaintance with him while being his instructor. David was a clever dick; knew everything - .


It sounds as if his wife got off very lightly indeed.
Too lightly in my book. I wonder what happened to her.
Anonymous said…
Maybe I missed something but she sounds worse than him, never mind that you disliked him.
Vest said…
EC. I am not sure. But she would be about eighty years of age now.

Oddly my residence a non-estate property(More Posh) was approx a half-mile distant from The Bingham's residence on the Hazelton estate. also living there was a former antagonist that I had crossed swords with when in Hong Kong 62 -64. But that is another story.
Vest said…
Andrew. I would like to say that she perished under the wheels of a bus. however, more than likely has passed on friendless and unloved.
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Interesting - I recieved a pierhead jump to HMS Rothesay as the Torpedo and Anti Submarine officer. Was not told who I was relieveing but that I should check his classified books very carefully. Only did I later learn of D B and the events preceding my arival.
David the Sailor (retired)
Anonymous said…
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