YesterdayI was told by my good neighbour; that her husband Spiros, a Mediterranean gentleman had passed away Aged  86. Much sadness.
       It was also my only sisters birthday who would have been 91 but sadly departed this world 20 years in the past.
Also, yesterday number one son Chris and I did a big grocery shop at Aldi which made other shoppers eyes pop, the bill came to 345 dollars, Just things we had run out of., it was exhausting packing it away at home.
     Today !6-7-69 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon shot departed 2100hrs BST and arriving on my Mothers birthday 21st July BST. On arrival, it was discovered that a COW had already jumped over the moon.
    TodayJuly 16 is the anniversary of the Muslim calendar which commenced in the year of our Lord 622 when Mohammad fled from Mecca to Medina, should he have missed his flight the world may
be a better place today.
    Also today back in 1945 the first Atomic bomb was tested in the New Mexico Desert and eventually saved the lives of possibly millions including those fighting the Forgotten war in the Pacific - yours truly at 19  included.
And now finally' Thank you Nigel'; My Nephew and his family in the Uk, for the solitary birthday card I have received so far today my 93rd Birthday.
 I shall be lost for 'WORDS" this week.

Vest Daily Gaggle.


Vest said…
Tim. B. Thank you for your Birthday Message, Dad.
Lee said…
Monday, 15th July is the birthday of a friend of mine...a friend of long-standing. She turned 84 years on Monday. We chatted at length via telephone. I sent her a card with some Scratch-Its...and...she won $2.00 is one, and $5.00 in another!!! Better than nothing! :)
Vest said…
LEE. My dear Wife Rosemary Would have been 84 On July 5. Thank you for calling.
I hope you get many more cards and messages today - and add my cyber wishes for a happy day.
Vest said…
E C.Thank you, you are a very kind person. I am now writing without spectacles. Both Cataracts are Gone.
Christine said…
Happy birthday Uncle Les 😘 I hope you have a good day
I’m hoping by now that you have received our card, maybe I didn’t allow enough time but I am thinking of you today and as always Auntie Rosemary 🌹
We’re having quite a decent summer so far, not too hot but pleasantly warm, to be honest we could do with a bit of rain for the garden
Steve has been enjoying the cricket 🏏 I’m sure you’ve been following it too, what did you think of the result?
Enjoy what’s left of your birthday, I’ll be in touch again soon
Lots of love and hugs to you
Christine xoxo
Dylan said…
Happy birthday to you grand father! I hope your day was pleasent and graceful.

You get to celebrate your birthday alongside a number of other key dates - which is pretty cool!
Jane Stokes- Honour said…
Happy birthday Uncle Les . With lots of love xxxxxxx
Tony & Bec. said…
Happy birthday Dad,We hope you have a great day, Love from Tony and Bec.
Elsie Hanlin. said…
Happy Birthday! My old mother in law is also 93. We've lost touch, but I heard recently she is in a nursing home now.
$345 on ONE shop? Did you leave anything on the shelves for other people?
Vest said…
Thank you, Mandy & David, for your lovely Card.
Anonymous said…
Very best birthday wishes from Liverpool.
Vest said…
Thanking all those 79 relatives and friends who commented on my son Chris and my joint Face book page. sorry but replying to all would be exhausting.

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