Euro and Pound Swap places.

Today's Sydney Daily Telegraph frightful cock up would worry a heap of Poms seeking news regarding the value of the pound . Again we have the Pound in the Euro spot and visa versa for the Euro in the Pound slot
     This follows Saturday's Faux Pas by a proof reading wobble head  who allowed the Friday's score card to be replaced by one dating back to January 2015

Joke of the day
 : The little boy was asked by his teacher, 'When was the Magna Carta signed."
 The boy replied," Lunchtime at a quarter past twelve.sir."

Vest Say's , my hand was sore from the cane administered by (Attila) A D Bates - my History teacher.
Proving it doesn't  pay to be smart.

Vest.... Back soon.

PS the pound is on 47 and the euro on 65.. some dif.


Anonymous said…
Heyo Grandpa.

Keep sending the emails. I do read them. I just don't always enjoy some of the jokes.

Vest said…
Dear grandson Dylan. Your beliefs are part and parcel of your thinking which is not aligned to my train of thought and historic education. King John signed the Magna Carta (Great Charter) at Runnymede on the thames 1215 under 'Or else' pressure from his subordinates the barons I presume, mind you up in jobonkersbananaland where you reside such eddification is rarely sought and mostly misunderstood.
BTW have you paid your uni fees upfront or are you like most bludging students who will eventually slug us tax payers - Surprisingly to you maybe, I do pay taxes. Love you, Grand Dad.
Tim. said…
Dad Your the only one that emails me so don't stop,
Ps what did I do wrong in July
Xo give my love to mummy
Vest said…
Tim: Our brief five week holiday encounter was a unique experience for most people whom had not been in contact with you prior (Hmm)to our visit.How you behaved may have been normal to you however, this was unnacceptable to most rationally thinking persons who were or are able to control their emotions and actions. in your case you being a one off only will make it difficult for you to find playmates. Love you Dad.
Vest said…
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Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
Umm, methinks i might take a holiday in New Zealand. My AU$100-00 is worth AU$110-00 over there ....
AND they do speak and understand the language English ..... heh.

PS. This email is intended to be private. However - please be aware that it may be read, and/or stored by Google, Microsoft, DSD (Defense Signals directorate), American NSA (via Pine Gap, Australia), ASIO, ASIC - or any other smart dickhead with with access to Wi-Fi.
Elsie Hanlin. said…
I remember a kid in my class answering the same question with, Dunno, sir, sometime back in the dark ages and I wasn't born then.

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