Dim Witted Sydney Daily Telegragh Proof Readers Stuff Up Again..

     Newspaper proof readers are paid oodles of dosh to get it written right not written rotten.
It could be assumed that today's  Sydney Daily Telegraph" Sports Scoreboard" was contrived by an unqualified ex thugby tattooed retarded mutton head living in Rip van winkle land.
     Instead of displaying the past twenty four hours major sports results, we have a  last January scoreboard; IE the first Ashes test cricket scores plus the mid season thugby league  scores.
     I expect we shall see yesterdays results sometime in January or possibly tomorrow or an announcement of a possible new Editor taking up the slack.

Ask yourself always: how can this be done better?

Have the Sydney Daily Telegraph delivered daily to your door monthly for less than forty bucks.

Vest... Back soon.


Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
I will be away from my computer until the morning of the 10th of November and will get back to you as soon as possible.
Vest said…
The same thing happened again yesterday, the Pound and Euro in the wrong slot in the Sydney Daily Telegraph business pages.

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