Dear friend or relative. This is a general mail out to enable those of you who do not wish to receive mail outs in the form of letters posts and other material delivered by PC.from me. the rule is quite simple (for most people) Should you not reply within 21 days of receiving this message indicating you wish to continue, all messages will cease from then on, unless at a later date you inform me of your wish to continue as before.

Over the past four months , my time has been gobbled up by travel and its consequences; domestic and health issues , most of which have been sorted out although controlling the problems of hers truly(Dementia) and the infectious knock on my shin is a worry. However, I passed my aged driving test recently and my next test will be when I am 91 July 16 2017..

Shortly I shall start on my lengthy Christmas card list. This mail out will help somewhat. most of those who sent them last year will be in the offing but probably not all. and for those who recall the TIM Performances during July; I was just as surprised as you; completely unexpected. but I have allowed the incidents to pass into oblivion. At the time of writing this letter I am in fairly good health and hope that you and your loved one's are likewise.

Hoping to hear from you soon. LJB AKA Vest Daily

Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.


Anonymous said…
Hi Uncle Les,

Lovely to hear from you, l have been intending for several weeks now to drop you a line, but as is often the case l think of it whilst l am busy doing something or other , then it slips my mind again......too many things going on in my head and my poor old memory isn't as good as it used to be.

Sorry to hear you have a problem with your shin, hope it improves very soon. Also, l hope Auntie Rose is benefiting from having cataract surgery.

All is reasonably well here with all of us, just the usual coughs, colds and viruses doing the rounds at this time of year. Autumn is proving to be as beautiful as ever, but l guess we will be rapidly heading into winter soon, another year flown by!

Anyway, the reason l have been intending to email you about is, to say l am reading the book you gave me and l am really enjoying it . I am about half way through it now. I had no idea how hard in some ways your childhood was and it brought a lump to my throat at times reading about it.

As you mentioned, it's almost time to start writing Christmas cards again, so l best start getting organized, lots to do as we have 6 grandchildren to buy for 😀

Sending lots of love to you all

Deb xxxx
Eddie Jones said…
Good Morning Les. Thank you for your e mail. Glad to hear you are ok. Just been watching the cloud decending on Sydney. I am ok. Had a trip to London for a day at the Tower of london, pretty tired when got home. Talking of Christmas cards, sent 38 last and got back 10 so a few deletions to be carried out. Its supposed to be winter here, temp is about 17c today. havnt turned the heating on yet. The doom school are forecasting a really tough winter.
Passed the 5 year mark since my wife died, gone so fast. will be 82 in January which is a bit hard to believe.
My mother had six children, 3 died at 5 months and my two remaining sisters made it to 87 so am going to see if i can catch them up. Give my love to Rosemary. Best wishes Eddy Jones 183
Pam Prior. said…

Thanks for your mailout. What have you done to your shin? How's Rose doing?

Take care
Pam & Vic Prior
Dementia is a cruel illness. For everyone.
Hope your shin heals quickly and completely.
Christine UK said…
Hi Uncle Les,

I would still like to be included in your mailing list please, even though I don't reply as much as I could it's a great way of keeping up to date with you and the family.

By the way, Dad and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to you via Skype recently, it's so nice to see you and Auntie Rose and Chris of course looking and sounding so well, we WILL do it again very soon, I know that Dad was impressed.

Love to you all,

Chris xxxxx

Unknown said…
Hi Uncle Les, just read your message via Tim on Facebook. Please keep me on your mailing list, on

It was great seeing you all in the summer and hope you all enjoyed your break in the UK.
All is well in Cowplain, Elisabeth is really doing well at school and is predicted to attaining good grades in her final exams next summer. She has been accepted in Southdowns college pending her exam results.
Grace is still working all hours so we can "Keep the Wolves from the Door".
I have just finished my year at McColls in Fareham, and I'm off to manage the company store in Stubbington at the end of the month. Two weeks well earned holiday at the moment.
Give all our love to Rose, and best wishes to all our cousins in Aus.


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