Getting your OATS At the right price. plus Henry(1) has gone.

Oats at the right price.   
This information has nothing whatsoever to do with sowing ones wild oats or wild rice if you are oriental. This is a story regarding a marketing ploy which has been going on for some considerable time, a ploy with a 'good old uncle theme' which bamboozles the television advert  suckers in believing that 'Uncle Toby's  porridge oats (Grits If you are a Yank) is superior than any other likened product.
    Well today was the day I did the visual, taste, and costing tests.
    In front of me on the kitchen bench were four bowls of porridge, all of equal size  from four different sources, they were marked and switched around, they all looked similar, but I was unable to even guess which was which. a half teaspoon of sugar was added  with 100mls of lukewarm Lite milk
and then three members of the family did the taste test.
    The taste test revealed that if there was any difference it was not noticeable.

    The contestants in this test; ALDI 750 grams at $1-19 or $!-59 per kilo. COLES 900 grams at $1-48.or $1-65 per kilo. Woolworth's, at 14 cents per 100 gram  or $140 per kilo.

 In all it cost me  $4-64 for all of those products mentioned. However, the pretty box of 'Uncle Toby's Porridge oats set me back at $5-50. per kilo,

Lesson learned. that fools and their money are soon parted

All tests carried out  were by Mother Bear, 80, Daddy Bear 88, and Baby Boy Bear 60. known throughout the world as the "Three Bears"


Henry my old ford falcon was sold two hours ago . Sold to people we have never met but
lived next door to people we know 50 odd kms distant - unwise to the Internet sale., creepy isn't it.... Henry's successor is another more sprightly Henry Mk 3 Falcon  4 litre straight six . 'Whroooom'  with an 88 year old driver who still has most of his marbles.

Vest ... back soon..                                    


Lower deck lawyer. said…
Vest. Uncle Toby products are marketed by 'Nestle's Whose brands have a privileged sectarian blessing arrangement costing Quids from The Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury, Halal Allah and the Kosher authorities in Tel aviv.
My suspicious nature makes me think 'liar, liar, pants on fire' when a company repeats an ad too frequently. Particularly for a product which has been around for a zillion years or so.
Anonymous said…
Ancient vest born with a silver spoon still drives a new car at 88. not long to go you old crook, like to get you on my slab, CA USA.
Vest said…
There were few silver spoons around in London E8 1926, when I arrived during the 'General Strike'
Fewer still when my Daddy died when I was four years old and my mother I and bro & sis were in the workhouse followed by 18-26 Stepney Causeway London EC1 'Barnardo's.
Fostered until 10.5 then nautical college. Sold to the Royal Navy(25pound finders fee)Jan 7 42,
WANT MORE? buy my memoirs click pic. but don't bother me - get it from the publisher.
Saby an Indian blogger, described it as containing, Poverty,Punishment.Sexually explicit matter, and other very interesting happenings.
I suppose without some of this stuff life would be boringly normal.
Vest said…
Thank you 'Elephants child' and LDL, for your comments.
Anonymous said…
So it would appear you have many irons in the fire.
Not short of a quid.!! Anon U/K
Vest said…
Yes , and the idea started when I was 45, these are spin offs which were generated by my sons before and after I retired at 70.
Where there is dirt there is Gold.

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