A Flying Doctor Service?.

There were about a dozen people in the Doctors Surgery (office)when I arrived ten minutes late for my appointment I made a hurried apology to the more than good looking chick at the desk then sat down
     Waiting time at our doctors office can be lengthy at times rarely less than half an hour  or more if you are late.
      The reason for being late was talking to the wife who had returned from a shopping expedition  which conjours up multiple why's and what for's, then seeing I was behind time for my Doc's appointment I hurriedly changed clothes - a quick look in the mirror(which makes little difference) hurried down the stairs -stroked the cat on the hall table then glanced at my watch which said 11 35 (I have a talking watch?), soon I was in the car travelling the kay distance to the docs office; arriving and parking out side I was in the doc's in a flash.
     Barely having time to scratch;  my  given name was called by the afore mentioned chick behind the desk, " number four please  Leslie"  which it seems every one now knows in the doc's office..
My conversation with the doc was brief  who wrote a prescription - plus he checked my blood pressure when any moment I expected blood to come spurting from my fingers, which reminded me to check the cars tyres  soon as poss. I paused on my way out to  mention to  previously mentioned chick that, it was my fastest turnaround in this docs office despite being late, she not given to garrulity simply  smiled.
     Two doors down the street was the chemist shop where my prescription was dealt with poste haste as I was the only customer, shortly after  I was in the car and heading home.  On  arrival at the front door my watch indicated my journey had taken just 21 minutes - Phew!!

"OK speedy Gonzalez - Beat that."

VEST....Back soon..


Flabber and ghasted. I don't think I have EVER had such prompt and efficient service. Not even when I was the first appointment of the day.

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