Arab Diggers?

During umpteen conflicts(Wars)ranging from the Boer wars in Suid Afrika to our present plethora of never ending racial/religious punch ups,young men and women from the Commonwealth countries have answered the call to arms when called upon to assist their mother country. Now; most of these mother countries are located in the 52 countrie on the African continent or the neighbouring middle east which has been the catalyst for most wars during the past two thousand years. Other Conflicts , the WW1 WW2 Korea Vietnam and the Falklands, young persons from the commonwealth flocked to the cause with the blessing of most Govt's of Brit Com countries. During these wars Civilians were the most vulnerable, but casualty lists only mention the militia in most cases, example being ww2 produced the demise of 35,000,000 civilians and 15,000,000 militia. Although the Australian Govt does not condone their citizens of Middle Eastern origin to fight in foreign wars, I for one see it to be little different from the wars involving Britain where patriotism was condoned and expected. Australians Citizens of Arab ethnic origin should be allowed to go and fight for whomsoever they wish in their native or neighbouring country. In fact we should press the Australian Govt to pay their Single ticket fare to their desired destination. but an edict deeming this an act of terrorism will have the effect of creating the passports and return visas null and void. this info passed to air and shipping lines will place the onus on the carrier when any attempt to return to Australia is attempted. To add to this all peace loving Cits of Australia should encourage this by donating to an approved Govt fund to send these brave militants to their demise. To achieve great things we must live as though we were never going to die. Vest, enjoying another beautiful sunny spring day on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. My hope is you are having a pleasant day too.


River said…
I like the idea of giving them one way tickets.
Lowerdeck lawyer. said…
Should they return the Aus Government will treat then to a Gold card. bottom line,in Small print 'only valid in Bangladesh'.
WALLY. said…
The Ist Lakemba Cavalry force is being formed right now , more volunteers required.

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