North Korea enjoying Maori 'Long Pig Recipe'

North Korea. Most of the G N P of this impoverished militarised country is spent on armaments and large pompous hats for the senior militants. Very little is expended on nutrition for the Hoi poloi and it seems the only way out for some to survive is to feed on your dead friends or kill persons who are not your best friends and flog their flesh or barter it for veggies and the like. Human flesh apparently tastes a little like pork when spit roasted pre 1850's Maori style, Young male captives resulting from raids were the main source of the Sunday roast. But it seems people in North Korea have been reading R,M,Ballantyne's 'Coral Island' and picking up a few native recipes. this revelation is creating shock horror South of the 38Th parallel. Recently North Korean authorities have executed three people for cannibalism as the nation struggles with hunger. The claims were made by south Korea's state run Korean institute for national unification, based on information from 230 defectors who saw the executions for cannibalism carried out. The Yonhap News Agency report Say's those interviewed claimed the executions were for eating and or selling of human flesh. "Haven't these N K gooks heard of the last human resource SOLENT GREEN".... movie 1973.


WALLY. said…
Hi Vesty , WTF is Soylent green.
Vest said…
Wally: Without going into too much detail, Soylent Green was the nutrient derived from the recycling of dead humans.
Not too sure of the recipe but maybe someone more knowledgeable than I may have the answer.
C A. USA. said…
I suppose if you were a Maori vegetarian you could eat the guys 'Nuts'
Vest said…
CA: To prove you were indeed a veggie waffler, RE Nuts, you would be required to display your teste monials.

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