'Psst' wanna buy some 100 Year old Cemetary Gates?

     Anyone you hear of trying to flog a pair of century old Wrought Iron gates in NSW or possibly Victoria in OzStrayer mate. contact your nearest rozzer bobby or gendarme - la police.
Anyone considering using these gates as an entrance to their new stately residence may invoke the wrath of the previous persons guarded by these gates. Midnight wailing and poltergeist activity could eventually precede unusual deaths and madness to those who perpetrated this ghoulish deed.
A small community in New South Wales, OZ,is dying to solve a grave crime at their cemetery, and won't rest until the case is dead and buried.
Thieves stole stole these gates from Murringo cemetery about a week ago.
It has infuriated the village people, population 164, and the local council faces 'Coffin up' for new gates if they are not returned.
Local mayor S Frankenstein (Whoop's) sorry er Freudenstein Say's we can't have a cemetery without gates, mind you, we are not trying to stop anyone getting out.
One lady resident slammed the grave yard thieves stating " I hope the Ghosts eat away at your conscience, anything associated with the cemetery when it is interfered with is taken very personally  by people who have relative there"
It is believed that Sydney and Melbourne  auction houses have been warned.


CA. USA. said…
Very Funny Vest, I'll put a copy on the morgue notices board.
Dylan, G/S. said…
I've read the one about your health state, but that was a while ago now. Hope that section of your life is improving, by a large standard.
Jaded Jan said…
Who would want to break into a grave yard, not I I would be scared to death.
Vest said…
J Jane: keeping out Vandals would be the gates main purpose nowadays.

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