E BA GUM or hard to believe. MAGABE and Gay Sex Romps. .

HARARE Zimbabwe. Formerly Salisbury Southern Rhodesia. This former prosperous country once  controlled by a minority hard working white farming community, and now constantly raped and pillaged and slowly bleeding to death under the leadership of the Black Fella and complete looney Bob the the despot MUGABE, has another major headache with the news that Bob  Mugabe is a sexual deviate.
President Robert Mugabe had sex with another politician ( One Polly telling another Polly to get f#!*ed is common place) however getting caught on the job and exposing oneself to the community can be career destroying.
A Zimbabwean MP has been held in custody after saying Pres Bob Mugabe had gay sex with another MP, state media reports.
***Mugabe is believed to have said Homosexuals are worse than pigs and dogs.

*** This is not my personal view. However,
Stringing him up by his testimonials might clear the way for a more stable administration.

Any suggestions how to string up our own Silly Gilly Girl ?


Lower deck lawyer. said…
Would have you believing R Mugabe hailed from Yorkshire in a round about way, he certainly is a Tyke. Mike.
Gordon the Baker. said…
W T F is E BA GUM?
Vest said…
Gordon: I shall presume you mean 'What is'?

Gordon it is likened to that of 'Strewth' or 'well I never'in OZ.
Ebagum is a quaint archaic expression used mainly by lesser informed Yorkshire UK yokels, ie farm persons.
Some of my snobby rello's in the peak district also find it useful.
Davey boy. said…
You, have the only gay in the village, I don't have a suggestion for his testimonials in this situation, and as also my computer says no.

From Davey boy.
WALLY. said…
I could use my sink vac pump as a sucker on Gilly and hang er on that i reckon.
C A said…
Wally: do you mean stick it on her head or where?
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