The Big Bang. and other News snippets. Plus Old Timers again, and Fidel.

Challenging traditional religious beliefs, the laws of physics were behind the big bang. because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.
Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist.
It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going. This theory opposes Isaac Newtons belief the universe must have been designed by God as it could not have materialised out of chaos.

.............Vitamin pill to stop Alzheimer's the Old timer disease.
A cheap, simple vitamin pill could stop millions  suffering Alzheimer's disease.
The tablet made up of three vit B supplements, cut brain shrinkage linked to memory loss by up to 500 per cent.the vitamin B breaks down homo-cysteine, a body compound linked to memory loss and Alzheimer's.
However my concern is the 'Up to ' figure, anything from next to nothing to rebirth. seems possible.

..............Aussie generosity on top of the world.
Our reputation as kind - hearted Aussies is true, a survey has revealed.
Australia shared first place with New Zealand in a survey ranking 153 nations on their willingness to donate time and money.
China ranked near the bottom, barely higher than last placed Madagascar.
The USA with the bulk of European countries was in the middle.

.............Scale of justice.
The NSW Department of Industry has banned the swallowing and regurgitation of live Goldfish.
   Nobody better tell the department about another widespread practice involving fish.
We have it on good authority that fish are sometimes hauled from the ocean with cruel steel barbs, then brutally executed. Next, the the innocent sea beasts are sliced apart and their flesh cooked in metal pots. The barbarity concludes when the corpse is devoured by hungry humans.
  These fish never come back alive. If the NSW Department of Industry ever hears about it, the prosecutions will go on for ever.

.............Playful Coppers frolic in the Nude.
Sex er sorry Six elite police officers caught in an off duty sex romp on a public road have been disciplined, but it is unclear if they will rejoin their unit.
The six Queensland officers from the Special Emergency Response team were traveling back from a 'Bucks Party' in Brisbane in Sept last year about 4.15 am when five of them were seen running  naked around their police minibus.
A police statement said the six coppers had received internal sanctions and had four days to appeal.
I am uncertain what  an internal sanction is. Could it be an  agreed penetration whilst frolicking in the bollocky.

.............Here in Cuba with Fidel.
 Like me he has recently celebrated his 4th twenty first Birthday.
Cool article at(
 Have a wonderful weekend. Back soon.


UNO. said…
You in Cuba vesty? you certainly get around, Is Fidel an old acquaintence? you once telling me that you saw the "April Sun in Cuba in the fifties and sixties.
Vest said…
Uno: I could be for all I know. Its the the 'Old Timer's you see.
rosemary said…
UNO. It is a safe rule to apply that, when a philosophical [Old Timer] author writes with a misty profundity, he is talking nonsense.
Jimmy said…
NICE Aussies
but some time back they were bashing Indian students there
Vest said…
Jimmy that is true. Such a thing has happened here in isolation but not as a general rule, we upstanding persons in the community frown upon such behaviour.
Then again this sort of thing is rife all over the world particularly at Universities where it is the racial minority student who seems to cop out the most.
Generally most true blue Aussie students dont care too much for wealthy overseas students lording it over them. and retaliation comes swiftly in the form of a knuckle sandwich.
C A. said…
loved your first comment Vest. I don't think you are lost in a haze.
WALLY. said…
Fist sound techknowledgy. God took a rib from Adam and made a loud speaker.

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