Is Your Doctor Keeping Up With Current Research - or an out of touch Quack?

Is Your Doctor Keeping Up With Current Research?

Is Your Doctor Up-to-Date?

Many doctors are unaware of the massive amount of recent research that is far beyond anything taught in medical training. The care you receive from your doctor is at least 40 years behind what is being learned in thousands of scientific laboratories around the world.
When you come face to face with your doctor in the examining room, you should keep in mind that he or she may be behind the times. There are many important facts based on up-to-date information you should consider Some patients appear to have great difficulty getting over common viral infections, or they have repeated viral infections. The common explanation is that their immunity is low, and if a vaccine is available, they should have regular vaccinations.

While it is true that many people, especially the elderly and those with chronic diseases, have poor immune function, one of the hidden causes is an undiagnosed, underlying bacterial, parasitic, or fungal infection, these are mystery diseases that baffle your doctor."
 Calcium Is a Double-Edged Sword.
Too little or too much calcium in the body is bad. As we begin to age, our cells begin to lose some of their ability to control the amount of calcium in our cells and this can disrupt a number of important cell processes. Excess cellular calcium has been associated with many diseases including cancer, strokes, heart disease, and diabetes.
Osteoporosis is not caused by calcium deficiency. Instead, it is caused by a vitamin D-3 deficiency in developed countries. This info has recently caught on due to the diminishing access to the common calcium tablet in our local pharmacies.
Now regarding the capabilities of your local Physician. have you studied your local GP lately does he dither over certain health issues,or are you uncertain his prognosis is correct due to your ongoing problem being unresolved. well the obvious answer to a layman like myself is, he is simply the old Dog incapable of learning new tricks, dogmatic yes, and his set in stone remedies of yesteryear needing updating either by his re education or his replacement.
Recently I have been given information in good faith by two relatives whom I would trust implicatively. One week ago the the male relative and his mother attended the local GP's Surgery(Rooms) the male relative complaining of a debilitating problem causing a great deal of pain and suffering. note. the male person had attended the same GP's  surgery for over ten years but not too frequently, the local patient turnover being  fairly large, but what happened next was a shocker . Apparently the Doctor gave the male patient the impression he did not know him and without consulting his records told him I have no records of you(Which was untrue) the male patient replied you must have I have been coming here for over ten years, whereupon the Doctor chucked a wobbly waving his arms and face distorted shouting "I have no  records of you".
Both patient and mother left quickly without more ado and consulted Another doctor 15 klms distant, who wanted to know about his previous doctor. Having explained the fracas recently occurring. the Doc replied, Oh he is a great physician, but more than likely he will forget the incident if you return to him tomorrow although the attending Doc had not seen him recently when asked.
The male patient received the usual Antibiotic cure-all remedy to hurry  the process which only served to exacerbate his dilemma. The male patient is now stable and has been under scrutiny at the local hospital for the past five days.
More later. ....Have a healthy day,  Vest Daily Gaggle.

Thank you Jane, Debbie, and  Christine for the 'Get Well' wishes for your cousin.


Vest said…
Vest said...
This geezer is my Local doctor.
In the past I have had serious doubts about his capabilities, only by my own persistance and occasionally a little banter which he seems to enjoy but only briefly does he remember my person but not necessarily my bygone ailments. Worst of all losing letters (Two) I recall, failing with follow ups. No I am not a cynical old sod. I simply am aware that he is out of touch and dragging the chain and a possible threat to that of providing proper medical care.
I have lost count of those people who have expressed similar unsolicited opinion.
rosemary said…
Happy Birthday Jimmy. love Rosemary.xx.
Anonymous said…
I do hope bro crazy C gets well soon, and has a happy birthday quite soon too, Davo of North Richmond.
Kate...fb. said…
Happy 60th birthday Jimmy you old codger.Kate .X.
Vest said…
C A. said…
Sue your Doc for Improper Conduct.
Kate...fb. said…
Is your doctor doc L...w if so he's a nutter. get rid of him, we did. luvs ya, kate xxx.
Jimmy said…
This is my bestest birth day ever

I gott kisses from Rose, Kate, Vest, Wally

.. kisses from Vest and Wally
Jimmy said…
There are various branches in Medicine

Vest and the West know only allopathy

there is also
homeopathy, Ayurved and Nature Cure

the last 3 are called Indian Medicine

Allopathy treats the SYMPTOMS only and will bring down your fever real fast by medication...

Ayurved and Homeopathy traces the ROOT CAUSE and kills the root cause
WALLY. said…
I am a plumber. So is a doctor. a doc spends the same amount of time in training and ongoing technical info, my income is small compared to my doctors income but we cannot do without each other and we are both necessary evils.
Jimmy said…
I just read

Plumbers and masons and electricians from India are getting paid Rs 17 lakhs per year in Australaya

it takes only one year to do this technician course in INDIA
its caled ITI
Jimmy said…
in INDIA they get paid Rs 200 per day

thats 4 USD

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