Another good man bites the dust..... Wedding speeches can be fatal..

After a few days of popping in and out of hospital clashes with the medical profession plus my eldest sons medical dilemma's, waiting long hours at hospitals plus sleep deprivation and to join the confusion RTA (MOT) tests plus rego & insurance on two family cars and renewing banking arrangements , today saw myself yawning and with bleary eyes getting things ready for the trip 180klms down the coast for our number two granddaughters wedding, Nicole Suzanne Coral Pamela Rosemary 24 will marry her long known friend, Mitchel Lalor.. Fortunately I do not have to make a speech and alienate people in doing so, in the past my wedding speeches have failed to impress, particularly the Knowitalls who rarely make it beyond the seven year itch or earlier. Unfortunately my eldest son is too ill to attend this very lavish do, he will be holding the fort here with the help of  other friendly .locals. Rosemary will be taking pics of the wedding etc . Sorry But I am finding it hard to keep my eyes from closing, I really must get some sleep, a good nine hours.
Hope to be back on line Monday.
Vest,. Daily  Post No,701. Have a wonderful weekend.


Jimmy said…
only the YOUNG and FOOLISH will marry

when LIVE in Relationships is accepted (even in Mumbai)

why the DUCK u guys want to marry !
Jimmy said…
to walk out of such a relation ship is easy

just pack up and go

Not so easy after u r legally married
its plenty messy in fact

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