The Pope Is Gay?."Can this be true".

The question arises once more.
What totally masculine man with all the bells and whistles and a North and South type attraction to femininity in women would discard those privileges to the whims of archaic eccleslastical fairy stories set in stone by the church of Rome?
I believe the answer is in the deep seated fear installed in the child by equally fearful parents and guardians and their forbears.
Despite higher education and the revolt by Catholics over recent years realising much of the ministerings of the faith was mostly flamboyant hogwash, fear is still the dominating factor controlling the Catholic priesthood.
Ok then its a job some one must do it , who better than those with less masculinity who resort to unconventional forms sexual behaviour, although fast becoming condoned by nations worldwide Buggery is now, so it appears to be the choice of fifty percent of  priests within the church of Rome.
Mind you the Anglican churches have their own dossier of dodgy deacons but minuscule to the proportions of their non marrying  mates within the Catholic Ideology.
Will commonsense and reasoning be the deathnell of all superstition and religion? it appears to be so. Vest.

HUTTON Gibson, the 91-year-old father of disgraced actor Mel Gibson, has sparked global outrage after he labelled Pope Benedict XVI a homosexual.
In the interview, the host asked Gibson if the Catholic Church has become "politicized" to the point that it cant address issues like homosexuality.
Gibson responded that the Church would not address homosexuality because "half of the people there in the Vatican are queer."

When asked if he thinks Benedict is among those homosexuals, Gibson said, "I certainly do."

Gibson also called the Pope "a slippery character" and claimed he is part of a conspiracy to destroy the Catholic Church.
Hutton Gibson has advanced several conspiracy theories related to the Catholic Church, the Holocaust and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, including the idea that the Church's opening of the Second Vatican Council in 1962 was an attempt by Jews and Freemasons to take over the Church.

Mel is a real man who calls a spade a spade, and in the urology table is a 'Four'


Anonymous said…
Gibson also called the Pope "a slippery character" and claimed he is part of a conspiracy to destroy the Catholic Church.

I agree
WALLY said…
Hey Vest what are you meaning by Mel is a four.
Vest said…
Wally: It was explained by a contestant on a game show whose Occupation was an erection disfunctional specialist.
It is a table in hardness similar to the gemstone table.
Apparently it rates zero to four on the sausage scale.
If your urologist rates you at four your your choice of partner would have little to bitch about. comprende?
Jimmy said…

krystyna said...
Happy Independence Day to India!

Let there be always peace and love in the whole world!

AUGUST 14, 2010 10:29 AM
Jimmy said...
Sardar Bhagat Singh threw a hand made bomb in Parliament when it was in session

He was hanged as a terrorist

August 15, 1947

and Sardar Bhagat Singh was honored as a FREEDOM FIGHTER under British Rule and declared Shahid (martyr)

AUGUST 14, 2010 10:17 PM
Jimmy said...
after WWII
HITLER was the bad man and many NAZIS were executed as WAR Criminals

but the biggest CRIME in WWII was the bombing of the civilian population in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by USA

AUGUST 14, 2010 10:18 PM
Jimmy said…
No comprende mi amor
explain in plain ENGLISH or Hindi buddy
Vest said…
Our ship and crew sailed north to the conflict in company of a vast
number of other warships On 28 February 1945. The period of three
months involving operation ‘Iceberg’ which included eight weeks of continual contact with the enemy and lesser periods of involvement, near places like Okinawa the big one, on all fools day Easter Sunday, 1 April 1945, where American forces landed and other places with names like
Ishigaki, Myako Shima and Sakashima Gunto.
In my precarious, unenviable action station on the air defence
position, I could see Kamikazes galore. On many occasions, the ‘brown trousers’ seemed imminent, but I was convinced I was far too young to die; there were far too many more exciting things for me to achieve before that happened.
After leaving the operational area, we called in to the U.S. Navy Base at Guam in the Marianas. With us were our escorting destroyers, the
HMS Troubridge, Tenacious, and Termagent. The crews enjoyed the
shore recreational facilities and three cans of free beer. One or two beers were usually quite enough for me. Lying at anchor close by was flagship of the USN Pacific fleet, the USS Battleship Missouri. The crew of this great ship was quite surprised that our ship did not carry amenities like
Coca Cola and ice cream, so the American fleet soon rectified this matter.
The battleship HMS King George V became the first British warship to
have an ice cream machine. Our ship then sailed for Sydney on 30 May and arrived on Tuesday 5 June for three weeks rest and recreation, during which time we replenished our stores and ammunition. The war was soon to end.
Of course, I have my own opinion regarding the use of the atomic
bombs that decided the end of hostilities. During operation Iceberg a period of about ten weeks starting 1 April over a quarter of a million civilians and Japanese, American, and British servicemen lost their lives
prior to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki destruction. It was sad that the innocent had to suffer for the immoralities of war.
The millions of us who survived the war owe our lives to the clearsighted
wisdom of the allied leaders in Washington and Whitehall, who
understood the jungle of problems they faced and left the moralistic
chuntering to those non combatants lost in the woods.
Our ship and others returned to the conflict about the 20th June.

Excerpt from the above book. Click pic.
Jimmy said…
its Guerilla warfare buddy
when the enemy is too string and wont surrender HIT BELOW THE BELT

all is fair in LOVE and WAR

the Al Quaeda too used guerilla warfare and suicide bombers like the Kamikazes to bring down the WORLD TRADE TOWERS

they are now in INDIA backed by the ISI of PAKISTAN and funded by USA.
Jimmy said…

The injunction 'be mindful of death' is not a call to live with a sense of terror in the constant awareness that death is to overtake us and that we are to perish utterly with all that we have stood for.

It means rather: 'be aware of the fact that what you are saying now, doing now, hearing, enduring or receiving now may be the last event or experience of your present life'. In which case it must be a crowning, not a defeat; a summit, not a trough.

If only we realized whenever confronted with a person that this might be the last moment either of his life or ours, we would be much more intense, more much attentive to the words we speak and the things we do.

There is a Russian children's story in which a wise man is asked three questions: What is the most important moment in life? What is the most important action in life? And who is the most important person?

As in all such stories, he seeks everywhere for an answer and finds none. Finally he meets a peasant girl who is surprised that he should even ask.

‘The most important moment in life is the present - it is the only one we have, for the past is gone, the future not yet here.

The most important action in this present is to do the right thing. And the most important person in life is the person who is with you at this present moment and for whom you can either do the right thing or the wrong'.

That is precisely what is meant by mindfulness of death.

The value of the present moment may be realized when someone dear to us has a terminal illness and, more particularly, when we are aware that he or she may be dead within minutes. It is then that we recognize the importance of every gesture and action, then that we realize how slight the differences between what we usually consider the great things in life and those which are insignificant. The way we speak, the manner in which we prepare a tray with a cup of tea, the way in which we adjust an uncomfortable cushion become as important as the greatest thing we have ever done.

For the humblest action, the simplest word, may be the summing up of a whole relationship, expressing to perfection all the depth of that relationship, all the love, concern and truth that are within it.

If only we could perceive the urgency of every moment in the awareness that it may be the last, our life would change profoundly. The idle words which the Gospel condemns (Matt 12:36), all those statements and actions which are meaningless, ambiguous or destructive — for these there would be no place.

Our words and actions would be weighed before they are spoken or performed so that they might be culminating point in life and express the perfection of a relationship, never less.
Jimmy said…
dylan said…
Those WWII photos were pretty interesting. Where abouts did you find
them grandpa?
Vest said…
Dylan: I sent those WW2 pics from Uncle Malcolm to many contacts, whom I thought would show interest.
I have received Two Emails wanting to know what happened to the Jap planes on that occasion following the dog leg route to the carrier force with minimal fuel.
I shall not mention the names of those who asked.
Vest said…
Ok then I shall post it by request.

> The sons of nippon were aware that Allied fleet air arm aircraft were restricted to a certain range, but by disposing of the extra fuel tank before or over the target did fool the japs who were on a one way trip.
Anyway with limited fuel sufficient to to reach their target and perform.

There were less than twelve strikes by Kamikases on Brit Ships during operation iceberg 9 weeks in March and May nonstop and the period of June-Aug 45..
The Yanks were five times larger than the BPF although the Brits using VT fused shells were more proficient than the yanks using TM fused shells the estimated scores in Kamikases according to records 41% Brit, 59% US/S, Average 24 per day from an est total of 2,800 from March to mid Aug. The yanks lost 31ships the Brits none - but many survived to be put out of commission. And the death rate in the fleet was high.

Now the trick was to save all this mayhem and give us a day off too.
Returning from the target area all allied aircraft with a full tank would steer half the return journey left or right whichever the case at an angle of 45 deg from the true course then correct the course halfway, meaning the
following Japs would run out of fuel before reaching their target.
Nice pics, Malcolm.
thanks Les.

To my knowledge there where no cases where Kamikases returned to their base.
WALLY. said…
Hey Vesty - what did happen to them jap planes, why arn't you telling.
Vest said…
Wally: figure this out.
Sploosh...ockle cockle ockle cockle suck suck Gurgle plop.

Guys, Wally is an indigenous Plumber, he will now be totally confused.

Wally: Ask your Mother.
Kate...fb. said…
It was a nasty trick vesty and just not fair no wonder the japs didnt't like us.
Luvs ya vest xxx, Kate.
Vest said…
Guys wouldn't it be a lovely war with Kate at the helm.

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