So there is something Fishy about the Prime Minister of OZ.

Nothing much to tell but the smell we are becoming used too, Our PM is hardly a needy person like those he supposedly represents. His personal fortune of AUD$50,000000 plus does not give him licence to gauge the lifestyles of the lesser coddled citizens of oz.
I often  wondered what was meant by the phrase uttered by Ulster Protestants, " If your name is Kevin you have no hope of being employed by 'Harland &Wolfe' the Belfast Ship builders.  I thus assumed that the given name Kevin was a  restricted Papist label awarded to persons within  the minority faith Industry group in the six counties meaning the Catholics.
So our Kev the PM has been playing it cool.. Raised a Mick yes but not entirely convinced of its profitability sees no reason why a bit of kneeling in the Anglican and Judaic temples should go amiss, and , to add more flexibility sought out  a wealthy robust - rather jolly  protestant (Anglican) lady for his Eve.
This type of liaison is viewed within the six counties as nothing but disastrous not only do the two newly weds soon begin to fight like Kilkenny cats but it also breeds an intense  mutual dislike between in laws.
Do you recall the song "The Orange And The Green". It starts off.
 'Its the biggest mix up the world has ever seen, his father he was orange and his mother she was green.
Google, Video Its the biggest mix up.

However, I am losing sight of the fishy part. There is a large fresh water fish found mainly in Ireland's clean lakes which is quite palatable for all protagonists, according to records the largest one caught  4lbs 10 Oz's, yep you guessed right  It is called a RUDD.


Rello Oz. said…
Like Gentiles and Jews perhaps.
H&W,D. said…
Stumbled across your blog recently. We are pleased you still have an alert mind.
We doubt Kevin will acquire Canberra sainthood like Bill.
Have Fun.
Rello OZ. said…
Hi Uncle I would like to ask is it your Wedding Anniversary soon and when?
Vest said…
H & W, I presume, Thanks.
Vest said…
Relative Oz: Pity you don't have a name like most of my relatives.

For your info and for those bearing
It will be our Heinze anniversary on Sunday. Married June 20- 1953. Married Johore Bahru Malaya, at St Christophers church to Aunt Rosemary 18 from Portsmouth and myself 26 from London.
Gordon the baker. said…
Hi vesty old mate still at I see i'm in the office at the bakery. That Rudd geezer is a real flippant twit, must be off his rocker. What i want to ask is -what is a heinze anniversary.
Vest said…
Sorry Gordon: Heinz is the correct spelling. It would slot in nicely between the Emerald and Diamond anniversaries
Answer, Heinz food, 57 varieties, Ok ?
Christine said…
Hi Uncle Les and Auntie Rose,

Hope you are both well and that both your health issues are being resolved.
I have had plumbing problems of my own this week, after discovering a pool of water in my kitchen last Saturday a plumber quickly arrived and informed me I had a leak in my mains supply pipe.
Not the news I really wanted to hear, however I have insurance cover for these kind of things and after digging up my front path and making two holes in my living room concrete floor the problem has been resolved and a new mains pipe laid with only £92 excess to pay but I could have done without all the mess and upheaval, it's been a very stressful week I must say.
Tomorrow I am going away to your neck of the woods for a few days with Kristian, Didcot to be precise, we usually have a little jolly every year and thought we'd see what Oxford has to offer this time, are there any places you could recommend to us?
I apologise for a recent e mail I sent to you regarding your possible visit this summer, I believe I said something along the lines of the "relatives you have yet to meet", I had no idea that the contact between you and them had ceased, it seems a shame, maybe they just wanted to keep you at arms length and never dreamed that you would be wanting to come over and see them.
That's their loss.
I'll keep this short as I still have a few things to sort out before we go.
A very happy Fathers day to you, I hope you get lots of cards and nice things, relax and have a good day, I'm just going to ring Dad for a chat.

Love to you all,

Christine. xxxx
Vest said…
Hi Christine: I shall E Mail you soon, sorry to hear of your plight with the pipes, Oh BTW, Fathers day in NSW is usually in Sept, However, Thanks.XXX.
Wally"s Mum said…
Jimmy said…
Oh Blimey
does Wally's mum hate u buddy?

and why is that ?

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