Vest has recovered from his influenza ordeal. But has to front up to Dr Findlay the waterworks plumber Tomorrow.

It seems the next few days will be similar to the past week, no posts, just a few pics sent out to friends and relatives
Haven't heard from the new kids on the block in England since Christmas, are they still snowed under. Or was it something unpalatable or some unthinkable parallels they read? or did they discover something inordinate and not in line with their perception of the lost tribe? Ah well, what ever your calling and expectations there are a million and one behavioral codes on our planet and the strange thing is we are all only two percent genetically different from chimpanzees, so please stop monkeying around.
Tomorrow I have to see the Quack, regarding the jolly roger reservoir, OK Graeme I know you wanted your turkeys to read about this and how did the party go; I heard the police were called.
We had another call from the Pr/Son yesterday the message was just as abusive as the last one, we are expected to pay his out goings amounting to umpteen times more than our own. Is there anyone out there who would like to adopt him. I am sure there are people out there who are smarter than our family and would be willing to turn him around to become a level headed person again regardless of cost to their sanity or bank balance.
Thank you friends and relatives who have corresponded recently, and that is all for now, I must get things ready for the forthcoming blood bath tommrrow.
So toodle loo, see you if I get back in one piece. Vest.

By the way. If you are a smoker, click the above  story regarding cigarette butts, it may save a life, if not your own.
Have a wonderful weekend. Vest.


Jimmy said…
dunno what this post is about
R,J Stokes- Honour. said…
Good luck tomorrow. Lots of love Jane. xxxxxxxxxx
Rosemary said…
Jimmy: Its not about sex, that is why you are having difficulties.
Jimmy said…

u think verry highly of me Rose
I am not UP all the time hon

its not possible
UK-Relative. said…
Vest, you dont hang back on the facts and it shows up in your posts.It is good for the soul to tell all and get down to the nitty gritty, and it pleases our family that you avoid filthy talk in your narratives, we love you regardless of the unconcerned attitude of others.
Jimmy said…
Soy hombre
Eres mujer

and I love you verry mucho Ramona
Jimmy said…
I got a new girl
and she is Spanish talking

filthy talk is OK hombre
hurt full talk no good
christine said…
Hi Uncle Les, hope all goes well at the quacks and they don't put you through too much discomfort.
Sorry to hear you've had a touch of the flu, I've had something similar myself and lost my voice for a couple of days (so not all bad for Steve) and am still a bit croaky.
Enjoyed seeing all the old pics you sent recently and the more recent one of Tony's girls (beauties).

Love to all xx
Jimmy said…
when u r gone
your BLOG will likely disappear too

BLOGGER deleted 56 of my BLOGS
get your self a LINKEDIN Profile guys

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