World Cup Recap, Day Two: Germany Blitzkriegs Australia .

The secret plan  the Socceroos devised to beat the Krauts must have been leaked Say's one cranky OZ sports writer. A complete load of skcolloB Say's I.
After loading my own opinion into the Chinese built enigma soccer result computer, that the result of 4 nil  or with a dodgy goal by the Roos making it 4-1,  to the spurious opinions of the cocksure Aus Footy Assoc Dingbats, the Oz input of  "We are better than anyone" failed. This was due to the U S Dollar sign and the word Referee had not replaced the winning  Rivkin search en gin of  "We pay our Umpires more"

The result: Shicklegrubers  Tanks 4. Kev's Pram Pushers 0.


Foxy said…
Meaning I suppose that if the Roos had slipped the ref a Quid that aussie forward would've gotten a yeller card instead of a Reddon, anyhows youse a right barsturd vest.
WALLY. said…
That last geezer sounds like the marrickville mauler himself and my Mum sez you are naughty taking the piss out of another Aussie, anyhow the poms stuffed up too.
Rosemary said…
Despite all, my hubby Vest did forecast the correct result much to the chagrin of our Aussie friends.
Wally's mum. said…
Mrs Vest,Isn't Vest an Australian cit now.
Rosemary said…
Wally's Mum. Yes we are Aus cits however we shall retain our British citizen passports too. Hubby say's he will become a 100% Aussie when he is eventually rewarded a veteran affairs Health Gold Card for wartime defence of Australia and beyond its perimeters.
BTW, do you have a given name I may use?
Jimmy said…
the Aussies have been playing too much CRICKET

they have become fat slobs
unfit for the rigours of a 90 minute fast paced fottball game
Jimmy said…
Dual citizenship??

Yes Wallys mum
we want to know your name

dont want to call u Wallys mum all the time

why must u pay for one mistake
I assume u have more kids
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
mad but hott girls for dining regular tonight
Anonymous said…
Golden goal!
Tshabalala nets the first goal of the tournament! (Day 1: South Africa vs Mexico)

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