Short and Brief plus sore and grief.

I'm back! And I can't sit too long on this seat as the family-jewels are complaining.
So briefly, my sojourn In St Vinnie's Hospital was OK except for the two hours and ten minutes on the Cutting Board. Being that it was necessary for controlled breathing, I was awake for the procedure. A local Anesthetic only around the nether regions did its best but far from 100per cent, then of course being trussed like a turkey and unable to scratch an ear or ones nose can be annoying.
Ah! the feeling of relief when trundled on to the mobile bed then given water so my mouth could speak again.
In the wash up it was announced I had now delayed my departure date, thanks to a little inconvenience, and I thanked those who performed the little miracle.
Walking is a little uncomfortable, my gait could be likened to that of a Macedonian donkey jockey. Ta for now. Vest.


Anonymous said…
You get better soon Vest. Take care.
Vest said…
Vic: OK bandy legs, I suppose there would be an inbalance as you are half full of the other.
Anonymous said…
Wife's Wisdom. Quote of the week, from the wife of entrepreneur Scott Frew:
"I married you for breakfast and dinner, not lunch, Go and get a job."
Jimmy said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jimmy said…
"I want you for breakfast and dinner, and lunch too

not u VEST
u no who
Jimmy. said…
Jimmy has left a new comment on your post "Short and Brief plus sore and grief.":

Good to see u back VEST
a lotta women prayed that u wud be up and going soon
much to the annoyance of ROSE

I can see u r not fit enuff to use the family jewels

Davoh said…
Gah, what is it about you Brits? KEEP ON KEEPING ON. Have just, at the local campground, been chatting with a bloke with a distinctive Welsh accent (long story).

Luv ya's all.

I find a campground where nobody comes ..(Now the bloke from Wales and his missus have just started a 'generator' - sheesh, why can't these invasive species just leave the silent sundown in peace?)
Davoh said…
Vest, why do you have to think that you fight against your body? relax, your body will win, eventually. There is much that your body will do, to support you - if you allow it to do so.
Christine said…
I'm so pleased all went well at St Vinnies although it seems it was a bit uncomfortable for you to say the least.
The best thing is that you have extended your warranty. Hospitals are not the nicest places to be and I'm sure you're more than happy to be back at home with my lovely Auntie looking after you, at least until Monday when nurse Chris takes over.
All our love and best wishes go out to you and Auntie Rose, we will be thinking of her on Monday.
Get well soon. xx
Jimmy said…
Hospitals are not the nicest places to be ???

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