Dated Maybe, but Abbott and Costello To Govern Australia? Voters said "No"

Having had a gutful of politicians in general and who hasn't, our seedy bunch of no hopers still make news headlines with their gaffe's - cock ups and sexual romps it is becoming hard to pick squeaky clean pollies from any party.
Our Kev the PM, whose tantrums get the better of him is totally out of whack with his job, rarely there when needed, but then possibly better he isn't, as his list of achievements is yet to be promulgated. Rattling on Kevs door, hopeful opposition leader T Abbott who boasts a dodgy paternal thingy, despite his pontifical leanings is the lean and horny Budgie Smugglers rep for Speedo, which no doubt bolsters his income since being booted from the health ministers job in the former coalition govt. Little wonder that pint sized baldy guy and PM wanted to stay to the 'bitter end' which was the case when he lost his seat.
Having given it much thought about the outcome should the former mob had remained in power and despite J Howard losing out, one of the worst scenarios to hit the political arena and create a laughing stock of Australia would have been the announcement that Tony Abbott the Omnipotent would be the deputy PM and Peter Costello the former deputy would become the Prime Minister.


Amy.. Swansea. said…
God forbid it should happen.
What a laugh.
Vest said…
For Gawds sake doesn't anyone remember thoe supposedly dimwit American comedians,.

Google- Abbot and Costello.

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