Sheik's Vile lesson of Hate

Teach the children - Sheik's vile lesson of hate.

December 11, 2008 12:00am

A GROUP founded by a Muslim extremist who encourages children to kill themselves for Allah plans to build a huge complex in Sydney to teach young people Islam.

In what it says is a world first, the Global Islamic Youth Centre is trying to raise more than $6 million to build a giant "prayer, learning and sporting" facility in Liverpool.

It has already raised $700,000 towards a $1m land purchase.

The organisation says it expects the local Muslim population to almost double to 20,000 in the next decade and notes that a third of the population is under 19.

Education in hate for 'tender hearts'

It also says it wants to attract youth from across Sydney.

The GYIC was founded by Sheik Feiz Mohammad and others in 2000 to "cater for the physical, social, educational and religious needs, especially for the youth and the children, in accordance with the teachings of the Quran".

Sheik Feiz remains the most prominent spiritual leader of the centre, which features a direct email link to him on its home page so students can "seek Islamic knowledge" from him.

However, the Sheik was exposed two years ago for having called on children to sacrifice themselves to Allah, describing Jews as "pigs" and calling non-believers "filth".

He has been linked to convicted terrorist "Jihad" Jack Roche and several other terror suspects.

Locals said the project will divide the community, causing a backlash.

A spokesman for the centre confirmed that the Sheik remained "a figurehead" and that his books and DVDs, which include repeated calls for "jihad martyrdom", would be available at the new facility, which is still at the concept stage.

However, the spokesman said the Sheik, who is thought to be in Lebanon, was no longer in charge of the day-to-day running of the organisation.

"The centre is a youth centre for all those kids out there who are lost," the spokesman said.

"The centre encourages them to try to follow the right path.

"The Global Islamic Youth Centre works and provides information within the bounds of Australian law, not any more, not any less."

Liverpool Residents Action Group president John Anderson said the Sheik's extremist brand of Islam would not be welcome.

"It would have to be (divisive)," he said. "It's quite obvious that this would have a severe backlash from the community here. It would have to create great concern in the area, there's no doubt about that."

Liverpool Council said it was not aware of any development application for the centre, even though its blueprints have been released in a prospectus, accompanied by a virtual tour of the building.

Calling for donations from Muslims, the GIYC states: "Imagine . . . six acres of serene and tranquil landscape; the rustling of trees, the sound of birds, the laughter of toddlers, soccer and tennis balls flying as teenagers play, water splashing in the swimming pool, the sound of children reciting the Quran, the voice of scholars teaching students, and then suddenly silence and everything stops, as the most beautiful and melodious Adhaan calls everyone to prayer . . .

"This is a unique project and a world first for any Muslim organisation to undertake and shows GIYC's ambition to make a difference to the youth of Liverpool."

Students understood to be linked to the centre were posting the Sheik's lectures on YouTube as recently as five days ago.

A set of questions was also put to Sheik Feiz in an email, but he had not responded by last night.


Anonymous said…
This was sent to me by an Italian!!!
Interesting info! Must read Give the Title... can u?!!!!!!

You know the Latin Catholic will not enter to Syrian catholic church, these two will not enter to the Marthoma church, these three will not enter to penthacost church, these four will not enter to Salvation army church, these five will not enter to 7th day Adventist church, these six will not enter to orthodox church, these seven will not enter to Jacobite church, ? this there are 146 castes in Kerala alone for Christianity, each will never share their churches for Christians ! Wonderful One Christ, One Bible, One Jehova?.What a unity !

Among Muslims, Shia and Sunni kill each other in all the Muslim countries. The religious riot in Muslim countries is always between these two. The Shia will not go to Sunni mosque, these two will not go to Ahamadiya mosque, these three will not go to Sufi mosque, these four will not go to Mujahiddin mosque?.like this it appears there are 13 castes in among Muslims, Killing / bombing/conquering/ massacring/? each other ! The American attack to the Muslim land of Iraq is fully supported by all the Muslim countries surrounding Iraq ! One Allah, One Quran, One Nebi?.!

Great unity !

For Hindus 1280 books, 10,000 commentaries, more than one lakh sub commentaries for these foundation books, 330 million gods, variety of aacharas, thousands of Rishies, hundreds of languages,?still everyone goes to the SAME TEMPLE? whether unity is for Hindus or in others and never Quarreled each other for the last ten thousand years in the name of Religion.

My choice: Hinduism_The UNIQUE in the world. by an American Author…

Tuesday, 9 December This comment from a previous post was re slotted in this post as being more topical.
Anonymous said…
Wake up Australia, we don't want or need these vile and cowardly beings in our midst, these purveyers of hate and stupidity.
It is always a source of wonderment to me that the call to sacrifice yourself for your God does not include the example of self sacrifice.
Anonymous said…
Freedom of religion is one thing but the malevolence of the words of Sheik Fesz Mohammad are tantamount to subversion - a call to arms against all non - muslims. Surely inciting violence against others is totally unacceptable. As it is believed Sheik feiz is at present in Lebanon, we should make sure he does not return to Australia.
We live a fortunate life compared to many others and we should resist those inflicting their opposing wishes upon us.
Anonymous said…
Too sad that anyone teaches a gospel of hate no matter what religion it's from.
Vest said…
You can be assured the Australian Govt bodies responsible for monitoring the effect the ravings of this Sub standard Oz imigrant have on the stability of our country, will use the expedient powers neccessary to deal with this act of sedition and breach of national security. The simple answer to this situation would be to award him a status of persona non grata.
Feiz old sport, enjoy your holiday in the birthplace of violence, dont bother thinking of returning
Sheik Shithead.
RMKhan said…
Answer to Jimmy :

Your Italian friend jeopardized you "a community learning centre" as factory of suicide bombers and you trusted. Do you think Australian government is sleeping ?

To write about Hindu brothers that “Everyone goes to the SAME TEMPLE? Whether unity is for Hindus or in others and never quarreled each other for the last ten thousand years in the name of Religion “may appeal to the people who do not know the Caste System (Varna Vewastha) in Hinduism but unfortunately it is not true!
Just type three words Dalit Temple Court in yahoo or Google and you see a small picture of the real scenario. (Or click on the following links:

It is not only matter of Worship Places but in all aspects of life (business, marriage, social status , civil rights, even sitting or eating together) where Shudras are treated as animals or worst than animals. In fact the words “Caste Sub cast Upper-caste & lower cast “are used in India only, based on the great teachings of Hindu Dharma (religion).A series of reformers & no. of articles in Indian constitution have changed this status a bit only.
Muslims if they are doing what you have magnified, is against the teachings of their religion but Hindus are doing it as per the commandments in Manu Samarti & other Hindu scriptures.(I cannot read all 1280 books in my life , nor all Hindus do ) It states different social & criminal laws differently for each of the 4 (especially Brahmin & Shudra) classes of the Hindus, giving distinct superiority & downtrodden status to them respectively. As you have written 10,000 commentaries, more than one lakh (100, 000) sub commentaries, all these come under 4 main categories. (Word “commentaries” is not as dangerous as the real situation, better use Caste)
What is going on among the Shia-Sunni Muslims from Iraq to Afghanistan & Pakistan is part of local & international politics and has nothing to do with their religion (rather following the Quranic formula of International Muslim Brotherhood will solve their all problems.). Though America has projected shia-Iran as greater danger than cruel Zionist Israel,shia Hezbollah is fighting against the terrorist state with the local Sunni support. The same is true in case of Hamas freedom fighters.
I do not claim that “Everything is OK” in the Muslim word but want to repeat that it is because of Muslim nation’s ignorance from some Islamic teachings or other. Still Muslims of all social status (poor & rich, educated & un-educated, landlord & workers etc etc) perform daily five prayers standing shoulder to shoulder in the same line. You can see nationals of all the countries in the world gather in annual Hajj and perform it all together. There are few million Shias, Sunnis and other self proclaimed sects of Muslims performing their rituals in the same Grand Mosque of Makah and its surrounding holy places. There is no example of such great ceremony of international brotherhood in the Universe which takes place on the regular basis, consisting nationals of such diversified countries & cultures! I prey Almighty GOD for His guidance to all of us in the search of the satayya marg (the true way) to follow in our lifes.

If you have moral courage will not change or blcok my comments from publishing , I will publish it in my bloges too.

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