Low Flying Porkers Pillory Public 'P' Platers.

Most motorists have their own anecdotal stories to tell of police cars brazenly flouting the traffic laws for no apparent reason.

Now there is hard evidence that these are not just stories. The revelation that last financial year 1433 police cars were caught breaking the road rules without reason is worryingly high, given there are about 16,000 officers in NSW.

But it should be kept in perspective - the lead-foot officers behind the wheel did not get off without consequence. They had to pay their fines, a combined $345,904, and they lost demerit points too, as would any other motorist. And they were subject to internal investigations by safe driver committees, which is entirely appropriate.

But the behaviour of the minority is unhelpful to the overall objectives of reducing the road toll.

There is already building resentment among some motorists about the punitive measures used in NSW to enforce the road rules. State Government policies have been severe, from double-demerit point weekends to a widening network of fixed-speed cameras. Still to come is the roll-out of 200 more red-light cameras, which will generate thousands of $324 fines.

The NSW Police Force is keen to keep the road toll under 400 this year. This is a goal that deserves widespread community support. However, it is obvious the police hierarchy still has a job ahead convincing their own officers to drive safely and lawfully at all times.

Reckless attitudes to the road rules among a minority of officers serves only to undermine public support and confidence.

Traffic fines issued to govt agency cars last year.
NSW POLICE, 1,433.
Ambulance service, NSW, 341.
Energy Australia, 321.
NSW Fire Brigade, 263.
Dept of Community Services, 247.
Rail Corp, 199.
Roads and Traffic Authority, 190.
Dept of Education and Training, 153.
State Transit Authority, 149.
Dept of Corrective Services, 145.

Now for the final Straw.
Police fury at Speeding.
Police have taken a swipe at reckless young drivers after arresting one clocked at 237 km/h in Sydney's west.
His licence was confiscated and he is due to appear in Liverpool Local Court on Jan 15.
"I'm disappointed the safe driving message is not getting through to some young drivers, and they think they can drive at high speed without getting caught," the Chief Superintendent said.

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This will be my last post until I return from Gosford Hospital where I shall be having vascular surgery Thurs Dec 18. See you later(hopefully). Vest.


Anonymous said…
Somehow I'm not surprised but at least they are called to account. The tougher the better on young idiot drivers. Confiscate their cars.
Good luck with your op Vesty ... wishing you a safe, happy, healthy return to blogging.
Anonymous said…
This morning, from a cave somewhere in Pakistan , Taliban Minister of

Emigration, Mohammed Omar, warned Australia that if military action against

Iraq and Afghanistan continues, Taliban authorities will cut off Australia 's

supply of convenience store managers. And ,if this action does not yield

sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by Telstra customer

service reps, dole office workers and Queensland ! doctors.

It's getting ugly folks!
Vest said…
Beyond the law.
Last friday while on the F3 freeway, I was sitting on 110k's when an RTA Chelsea tractor zoomed past doing 140 kph minimum, no lights flashing. unable to see his rego clearly as it was raining, and making it even more hazardus.
Anonymous said…
Yes Its true my name is Bacon, much nicer than a colleague's name'Grunther'.

Police officers speeding without lights and sirens can avoid fines if they are on a covert operation.
More than two thirds of officers issued with traffic fines while on duty last year were able to get their fines dropped after a review of their circumstances.
Anonymous said…
I'll bet top dollar that Sgt/ Bacons nick name is streaky.
Dodgey lot those blokes, There is a higher ratio of skulduggery prevalent within their ranks than that of the general public.

Vest, get well soon, good luck. Mike.
Keshi said…
Vestyyyyyyyyyy! :( I hope all will be ok with the surgery and plz know that Keshi will be thinking of u until u return safe n sound. God bless mate!

Merry Christmas and hey there wont be no chrissy without Vesty!

*HUGZ* TC n good luck! MWAH MWAH MWAH!

Jimmy said…
dat was for Keshi, not u
Jimmy said…
A is anxious
K is anxious
I am not

u survived Hitler and Mussolini
and a crack on the head (though some grey matter spilled out)

a small OP cant do u in
Jimmy said…
So u r back
in time for turkey
and santa claus and stuff

u do believe in Santa dont u ?

hope all systems are go
but dont worry

u can always outsource to Indians in India
Anonymous said…
Vest will not return for a few days, due to the nausea and pain from his op, Soon Chris is dealing with calls comments and sales, thank you.
Anonymous said…
u look good enuff to eat
Jimmy said…
so its Rm and Chris at the helm
while the captain is in sick bay

Chris now is the time
tell us more about your old man

u no the stuff, he didnt write in his book
Jimmy said…
has any one seen Wally?
he was last seen making eyes at a sweet looking Roo
Jimmy said…
As the war reached its dreadful conclusion, Churchill and the British government set out
to ensure that history never repeated itself—that there would be no resurgence of German

HA !
germany reuited
all of EUROPE is one now

Germany and France are hitting back now

ISO is now dominated by Germany and France

EUROPE has killed the KITE Mark
now its CE Mark only
Anonymous said…
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and are recovering well after your surgery Vesty. All the best to you and yours and for 2009. Bless you.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Aggie, vest is not a happy soul at this moment in time, but we love him and that is all that matters, we pamper him when ever possible. May you and your loved ones enjoy a wonderful festive season.
Jimmy said…
u guys pamper him ?
Jimmy said…
Jesus will heal the contrite heart
just say sorry Jesus

and at 12: AM on 24/12/2008
u will walk and laff
and drink and

and make Mary
err, I mean

make Mary happy
Jimmy said…
on your feet u lazy sob
u had enuff rest

it will be 2009 soon
Rm and Chris are not posting much
Anonymous said…
Hello Vesty and Rosemary and the Clan - Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a great 2009. I hope you are well on the way to recovery Vest? Take care.
Jimmy said…
Hello Vesty and Rosemary and the Clan - Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a great 2009.

Quit it VEST
we know u r enjoying the concern and love expressed by A and K and Tshmom?
Anonymous said…
I hate to admit it
but I miss him and the shit he posts

sit him on the keyboard
and let him continue what he likes to do

Annony mouse dat loves crap
Anonymous said…
Thank you well wishers.
Vest is still a bit groggy, although he has,nt had a drink for a month, He has lost about six kilos in three weeks.
Anon, I am not sure how long your comment will be tolerated, would you try to be more pleasant in future.
Vest will be back very soon.
Anonymous said…
Woooo Hooooo
he will be back soon

a neater trimmer VEST
hope he lost his ugly beer belly

a belly that size wud surely get in the way, in the sack

now he can try some more positions
other than the vissionary

many girls will be happy
Jimmy said…
Violence and guerilla warfare has always been used by people to overthrow foreign domination or an unjust Government

Shivaji used it against the Moghuls,
Shahid Bhagat Singh and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

against British rule in India,

the IRA,

even some Jesuit priests took to the gun in India, to fight for justice for the marginalized

some were misguided
in Jammu and Kashmir
the Tamils in Sri Lanka, the LTTE

the Palestinians against the Israeli occupation
IRAQIs to drive out the Americans from IRAQ

the list is long
sometimes u admire their guts
when they lay down their life for a cause

this shud make the old geezer retaliate
Jimmy said…
just in time ....
Air India sacks 10 airhostesses for being over weight

now he can keep his job
Vest said…
Jimmy: As soon as the fear factor and untruths are removed from the faith industries are replaced by humanitarian logical ideals, a higher degree of compromise will come about, conflict and violence will cease.
Until then; let the ignorant eliminate each other and lessen the starving hordes of our world.

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