Christmas news from the Australian Capital, and Budgewoi on the NSW Central Coast.

This says it all!!!!

>> There will be no Nativity Scene in Canberra this year!
>> The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity Scene in
>> Australia 's Capital this Christmas season. This isn't for any
religious reasons.
>> Our Govt's reason. They simply have not been able to find Three Wise Men in the
>> Nation's Capital. And a search for a Virgin continues.
>> There was no problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the

Oi Kev! When's this Ruddy 'Help the impoverished retailer hand out' gonna show up.
We can't do a Mrs Nicholson 'Spend - Spend - Spend without the loot.

On the home front. Vest, that's me, visited the Gosford hospital today for my pre admission routine checkup, It reminded me of the joining routine when drafted to a new ship or establishment while in the R N, only slight diff was the people were more pleasant at the hospital. I shall be going under the surgeons knife next Thursday, that is all being well and I don't die of fright beforehand.
I hear they are running a book at my local club, The highest odds are, 'I'll not be around for a drink after Friday, so if you love me, waste a dollar on those odds.

Its nearly mid summer in our neck of the woods. Its tiddling down with rain and I am wearing a jumper; a slight difference from Wednesday 37 deg cel and air con going.
A person in the hospital today suggested that it was "Them bloody Muslim Arabs filling up them barrels of oil non stop which is unbalancing the planet earth. I asked him "What planet are you from sport?' He replied "Not funny" and moved to another seat.
Due to the wind chill factor today, our salad today has been moved forward until tomorrow. Today we are having lamb chump chops, mushrooms wrapped in bacon, roast spuds and pumpkin with a variety of seven real garden fresh veggies and gravy
Makes you Vegans drool with envy.
Ah well must get the oven on. feed my sons cats and prepare for the worst in the result of poms V India; resuming at 3pm.
Back soon.

While you are waiting read this.

Now click on the book picture.
'Waving Goodbye to a Thousand Flies'. By JL Spencer.
Click the Book Pic at top right for Purchase info. Vest has received more books from the publisher, and more will arrive before Xmas, Email me for a Quote for a signed copy, AUSTRALIAN READERS $26..00. Overseas aprox $29..00 - $31..00 only one week to go for xmas delivery.
Now as an entertainment bonus, google click on 'Gin the dancing dog'.Now you know me, I hardly ever send a funny or something interesting, but this I had to share - - Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
I hope your hosp appointment goes well.
Your dinner sounds very yummy ... can we come over to share?
The weather is being silly here too!
Anonymous said…
good luck on friday vesty, from the bakery boys and zac.
Anonymous said…
Dear Uncle
So sorry I have not been in touch with you recently, I have had problems with my email server and all my addresses were wiped, so I am really pleased you e mailed, now I can put you in my new address book.
Sounds like you have had a pretty trying year and we will all be thinking of you, especially on Thursday . I will definitely visit DG and look forward to knowing you are making a quick and full recovery from your surgery. Poor you, bad enough having to go into hospital eh, without the added insult of going without your favourite food and drink this early beforehand!!
The family here are well, but as with most of us, there are frequent ups and downs, life is certainly never dull, though many a time John and I wish it were! We were saying today how we always thought when the "children " were grown up with famillies of their own, we would have so much time to ourselves to do our own thing, but we seem to be doing as much as ever!! Dad is relatively well, but as you can imagine, still misses Mum dreadfully. I speak to him most days and we always visit at the weekend. Lyn is fine, still working in a care home and enjoying it.
Despite all his health problems due to his long term diabetes, John is pretty good I'm pleased to say, he is under the care of kidney, liver, eye and general diabetes clinics, but still leads a pretty normal lifestyle. Apart from feeling older, I am very well, although I don't have a "normal " job, I have an Avon round and look after the grandchildren regularly after school and during holidays. I seem to always be flitting from pillar to post, my one piece of self indulgence is my belly dancing class, which I have been attending with Claire for just over two years. We both love it and now belong to a troupe, with whom we have great fun!
I wish you well for Thursday and the coming weeks and hope you and Auntie Rose are able to enjoy Christmas.
Much love and best wishes to you both and the family. Debbie.
Anonymous said…
Hey Grandma and Grandpa

Here's my list of what we've done over the year
I've started my first year of senior school(year 10) and Bianca has started middle school(year 7)...

I've gotten a girlfriend, Her name is Lisa. I've attached a photo of me & her and her by herself.

Because i can't think of anything to "SAY" i'ved attached several pictures from my camera. I dont have very many of Bianca though- you'll have to pester Bianca for her ones...
Vest said…
Thanks Aggie, Gordon and Debbie for your good wishes, and (Julie Telephone call).
Tomorrow 6am, I start on my 48 hour fast but today we are having 'T Bone Steak, mushies, pumpkin, roast pot's garden veggies with R B G.
Vest said…
Dear Grandson and heir to the throne; Dylan.
Thank you for your message and photo's.
Dylan, your lady friend is very attractive. I am reminded of being your age when I HAD my first girlfriend, she was three years my senior and worldly wise and of course beautiful too.
Dylan, I am pleased you are making progress at school, and you would be well advised to acquire the maximum tutoral input your school can provide. I presume Queensland provides similar educational opportunities as New South Wales.
Hope to see you during your holiday. love you. grumpy gramps.
Vest said…
David #3 son, your telephone question re R B G. In the more comfortable ships and establishments of the R N, the R B G initials would often appear on menus.
Produced from caramelised sugar and meat pan juices with added cornflour and water and brought to the boil, we would have 'Rich Brown Gravy'.

Your son Dylan's photo's have been forwarded.
Viva Equine said…
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