Coloured Gun toting Rednecks not unlike their Creamy counterparts Buy up big In Unclesamland

So the Zombieslayer voted republican after all, following the lead from dirtcrasher, Neal and other gun loving ghouls, who reside in the land of the - 'free to kill anyone who opposes you'.
I thought it was too good to be true, meaning the 'Welcome back Vest' sign which greeted my first visit for weeks to his 'My shite doesn't smell blog 'Zombieslayer', Where he categorizes all adversaries as zombies earmarked for annihilation. This train-set loving would be Stalin or Shicklegruber has deemed; even my meant to be humorous comment on his latest post; inappropriate, one in which he advises his regular fat lady bloggers how to remove the pork from their stalk, he being fearful that I would usurp his attempts to become yet another fly by night phoney dietitian.
Zoms Republican vote came in the wake of info leaked from the Obama camp, its intent on imposing harsh restrictions on gun sales, which has resulted in a sales hike of 15% to 1.18 million in October in the USA. One whingeing gun shop owner stated "The second amendment says legally by law we can have firearms.[Obama is]going to attempt to take that right away from us."
Being a Non Prophet person does not exclude me from agreeing with some eccleslastical wisdom, like that of turning ones swords into ploughshares.
I am also deeply concerned that, Mr Obama being a black fellow may have less chance of surviving his period of office than the Catholic Kennedy's. My advice would be, Mr Obama should invest in a 'Pope mobile'.
And in the end it's not the years in your life that count . It's the life in your years. Abraham Lincoln.

Most dangerous things are safe until you forget they are dangerous. Vest.


Anonymous said…
The level of gun sales in the USA is ridiculous. No wonder gangs and druggies have taken over the place. I wouldn't live there if you paid me and poor Obama if he tries to stop it - he won't survive long. The answer for any gun toting nation seems to be "if I don't like your message, I'll shoot you." Ha Ha. And they can't see how stupid that is. So called Free Speech... Bang! Bang!
Vest said…
This post would have dropped like a lead balloon if it wasn't for Aggie, Thanks love, x

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