New Computer, Not arrived yet, Still waiting.

I haven't been able to do much blogging recently, my present arrangements are a bit lackadaisical and too slow, #1 son will be setting up the new PC when it eventually arrives, and this coming weekend I shall be attending to more important health matters. A pinched nerve in my left thigh comes into play during walking or exercises, which is not so important as some ballooning blood vessels within my abdomen together with a ballooning Aorta which hopefully will be fixed in the new year. I now have to lessen my intake of food, plus all dairy is 'Out' as well as cookies - bickies, beer sugar coffee. Maccas KFC and things like pies and Hotdogs. and also halve the bread intake. This is all serious stuff, do I continue and live happy or live a long dull life. I think I shall compromise, smaller portions to start, drink even more water and supplement some meals with dummy tummy fillers.
My new health regimen starts now.


Anonymous said…
Good luck with the new lifestyle change Vest. Blogger ate my comment before, so I hope this doesn't duplicate. You never go back to rubbishy food once you have kicked the habit ... stay around for alot longer I say.
Anonymous said…
Best of luck, Vest and take care of that aneurism. Hope they've given you meds for this?

Also hoping that the new computer comes quickly.
Vest said…
Prev anon: Thanks 'C B' from over there. "Gotcha".
Vest said…
Aggie: Thanks, I shall try to be positive. X.
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear you have more health problems mr vest my mum said to tell you not to give up as she thinks your a tough old bugger even though your a pom
Vest said…
New computer has been installed.

Busy with health problems.

Will post SAP.
Anonymous said…
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