BODY PIERCING. It could be as dangerous as being Pranged with a Spear

Parents must approve if teens want to pierce their bodies.
And the following information would be invaluable to adults too.

CHILDREN under 16 wanting to pierce their ears, nose, or navel will need permission notes from their parents under laws to be introduced by the NSW Aus.Government.

And underage intimate body piercings will be outlawed, with operators facing fines of up to $22,000 if they are caught performing an intimate piercing on a child.

For any other piercing done without a parent's consent, the fine will be as high as $3000.

This is about making sure that children are protected from the health risks that can be associated with body piercing, which is a growing trend among young people.
Concerns over hepatitis B and C, toxic shock and blood poisoning have prompted the the tough parliamentary response that intimate piercing clearly raised child protection issues.

I can't see any reason why a child under the age of 16 would need to expose their intimate body parts to strange adults for the sake of fashion or a trend, even the most simple piercing can leave life-long scars.

The concern is, that things are fashionable and immediate because most adolescents work on a day-to-day timetable but they can deeply regret it later. Piercings done without medical guidance can result in serious infections and other ongoing problems.
If you have an eyebrow piercing, for example, it can leave a scar where the hair doesn't grow back, and intimate piercing should be left in the adult domain.

The regulations have have been signed off on by Cabinet and legislation is now being prepared and will be brought to Parliament shortly.
These rulings will only apply to Australian residents.


Vest said…
This comment has been taken from the previous post.

Having mulled over whether to publish or not , I decided it would provide some hilarity and a warning to the foolhardy.
This is true.

last week I was talking to this new age guy who had multiple rings on ears fingers and else where, yep and one on his dick knob, I had heard of his bragging about this earlier, however it turned out to be a disaster when his girlfriend got the ring jammed between a gap in her teeth and she panicked. You can guess more or less what happened, without stretching a point.
Anonymous said…

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Jimmy said…
it can give u AIDS too
Anonymous said…
Well good on them I say. First bit of sensible legislation in awhile.

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