THANK YOU Jane for the Beautiful flowers we received a few minutes ago for our Emerald Wedding Anniversary. Stand tall sweet lady, we all love you very much, again thank you for your kind wishes, we should have realised you hardly ever forget.XOXOX :))))))))))))))))) BIG HUGS.
Jane, as she prefers to be called, is our niece and the daughter of my dear departed brother.
Jane lives in Bicester England and is a wonderful person.

ANNOUNCEMENT, June 26 : 08

KYLIE. Our senior Granddaughter and Daughter of Anthony(Tony) Our #2 son, is heavily preggers with twins which will compliment her other two daughters.
Rosemary and I will become Great Grandparents for the fourth time, there are no known multiple births occurring in the various family lines within the last few generations.

David having read a former post and remembering that we always remember, David our #3 son sent Anniversary wishes, he apologises profoundly for being late. Thank you David and Mandy.
David will be 49 on Sunday June 29 : 08 , "Happy Birthday David" Card in the mail.
And of course while I am in family mode, How about "Happy Birthday to Tony" Who will be 51 tomorrow. Tony and Rebbecca his long term lady friend are to be married on Sept 6, it will be his third trip down the aisle.
Ah well, its all happening, nothing stays mundane for long, er indoors has hers a week Sunday and I follow 11 days later, seems mid Oct to Christmas is our mating season.


Anonymous said…
pleased to meet u
hoping to see more of u here
Anonymous said…
how about doing an HNT
Anonymous said…
Jane, is it true that The Town of 'Milton Keynes' on the A421 has adopted the Magic Roundabout song as its Town Anthem ?.
Anonymous said…
now Karen

just how much
i mean how many

is enuff
Anonymous said…
Heyyyy Vest
I got a new net connection 750 kbps unlimited browsing and download

paying only Rs 400 per month
its from Reliance

Can u get cheaper any where else in the world?

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now u know why u have soo many Indian bloggers
Vest said…
Previous anon,I have unlimited space and whatever the cost may be does not hold too many concerns for me, its only peanuts anyhow.
Vest said…
Not sure I should answer the question Karen put to Jane, but as Jane rarely if ever comments here, I shall try to explain the riddle.
The A421 is an arterial road which starts (or finishes which ever way you are traveling) from the A1 Motorway near Bedford England and finishes 5 miles beyond the left turn to Bicester, at a village called Evenly near the A43 motorway.
Along that road with a distance of about sixty miles there are at least 41 roundabouts. However,on the ten mile stretch of road adjacent to Milton Keynes you will encounter 24 of these roundabouts, all potentiel crash sites so I am told, however, I became familiar with the road quite often on my tours of England over the past years. There is another multi roundabout in Wiltshire Eng which I am told has multiple access containing about 12 individual roudabouts, ( Like a frigging mobile Rubics Cube). Without joking, the song from the childrens show 'The magic roundabout' would slot in nicely as the Anthem for Milton Keynes.
Thats the best I can do Karen. BTW I lived in Chalgrove, where are you from OXON EXPAT?
Anonymous said…
Despite the small matter of his death, Neculai Ivascu was re-elected as mayor for the north-eastern village of Voinesti in Romania last Sunday.
Supporters weren't going to let an inconvenient truth like the incumbent mayor’s mortality stand in the way of their balloting wishes as Ivascu romped very slowly to election victory.
A pro-Ivascu villager told Romanian television: “I know he died, but I don’t want change.”
Surely the essence of a conservative – with a little ‘c’ – supporter?

Despite Ivascu’s particularly lacklustre election campaign, local authorities opted not to postpone the poll in case his living opponent Gheorghe Dobrescu won decisively.
However, they were red-faced when Ivascu - who died from liver disease shortly after voting began - won by a margin of 23 votes.
After the embarrassing result, election authorities decided to give the post to Gheorghe Dobrescu anyway, but Ivascu’s party the Social Democrat Party (PSD) and his local supporters have called for a new vote.
Looks like Neculai Ivascu won’t be giving up his post over his dead body…
In April a cat was named stationmaster of Japan's Kishi station, while dead women were elected by two constituencies in Pakistan last year in an attempt to increase the quota of female representatives in the area.
Deceased politicians have yet to make a significant impact on British politics, but a quick look round the House of Lords suggests the term 'life peer' may not always apply to the living.
Lord Sedgwick said…
Well done me ole vestment.

Only 17 years and counting to match you ... or the equivalent of 70 Brittany Spears marriages. (And I use the conjugal term loosely - though obviously not as loosely as the Spears girly.)
Anonymous said…
"Happy Birthday to Tony" Who will be 51 tomorrow.

Tony and Rebbecca his long term lady friend are to be married on Sept 6, it will be his third trip down the aisle.

u have a colorful family Vest
I too hope to do it the second time someday soon

I am not as lucky as u to find a woman u can love for 55 yrs and beyond

I am 57 now
Anonymous said…
The A421 is an arterial road which starts (or finishes which ever way you are traveling) from the A1 Motorway near Bedford

reminds me of the song
'when a man comes on the radio to give me useless information

I can get NO satisfactionnn'
Anonymous said…
Who Is God?

A little kid asks his father, "Daddy, is God a man or a woman?"
"Both son. God is both."

After awhile the kid comes again and asks, "Daddy, is God black or white?"

"Both son, both."

"Daddy, does God love children?"

"Yes son, he loves all children."

The child returns a few minutes later and says, "Daddy, is Michael Jackson God?"

Love it? Spread the laughter. Hate it? Think you can do better?
Vest said…
Anon 57 yr old: I suspect it is you who may have the colourful family, I believe my relatives are allwight.

Anon: The A421 info was for Karen.
Vest said…
Hi Sedgers: Sweet little Britney Spears-once the cream of Hollywoow crumpet but now a sagging muddy strumpet. Shame ennit.
Hey! I thought you were the ancient one.
Lord Sedgwick said…
Just coz I write in pre-sanskrit sea coffee scroll hieroglyphs you make such an assumption.!

Shame on you, but am I bovvered?!

Us old codgers should shtick (sic) together. Not courtesy of the newfangled 'supaglue' and Araldite (the Greek goddess of sticky situations) but via the tried and trusted homemade clag.
Anonymous said…
I lives in melbun ... usedter live in shipping snorton bout ate leegs from charlesgrove.
Anonymous said…
Now that is info I can use
your fone no. ?
Anonymous said…
is Lord Sedgwick a real Lord?

has he been knighted?
or did he just marry a lady?
Vest said…
Vest said...
Zounds!! It doth seem that KAREN has been on the turps, musta started the weekend festivities early eh Karen? I shall presume you mean't to say you live in Melbourne OZ.
You. O A A Time lived in Chipping Norton (a league being 3 miles)
so 24 miles from Chalgrove formerly Charlesgrove, circa 1643 battle of Chalgrove field Pr/Rupert Def John Hampden, a cous of Ollie Cromwell.
Vest say's
I learned and enjoy the subject of the Eng/ civil wars.
The house I once lived in as a child .75 ceturies back, was on the site of the battle and was called 'Chalgrove Field' 'No Ghosts'.

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