If It's Size That Counts... Come into my garden of love..Or was it Wishful Thinking.

ONE of my hobbies includes the growing of exotic and expensive vegetables, mainly for our own family use. However, one not too exotic and easy to grow veg is the Oriental Radish, its flesh is not as pungent to the taste as the smaller red & white up to 60mm variety and they tend to mature quickly within a period of 8 to 10 weeks. According to the legend on the seed packet, these Oriental Radishes will grow to a length of 30cm and attain a diametor of 45mm which I am able to confirm; although some of these only attain runt size about that of a large carrot. At the present time there will be at least two weeks to wait for the next crop to reach maturity.On Tuesday June 3, Rosemary and I went shopping(pain in the arse and aching limbs from walking on those hard sup/mark floors), after our reg stop at the grog shop our last port of call was the massive (feast your eyes) on the largest variety of fruit vegies known to mankind storeAthough the consumption of animals various still forms part of our diet, I in particular have a penchant for a variety of vegies to be included, in most cases up to seven varieties per day chosen from possibly twenty or more.Then I saw them, several bunches of them, yep they were Oriental radishes alright, couldn't believe my eyes, the size of them was hard to believe, they all exceeded the proportions of those on my seed packet.Waitng in line at the checkout for several minutes with my large bunch of Oriental radishes created smiles and several guarded comments from ladies also waiting to be served.Then the gorgeous checkout chick; not to be outdone by the others, flashed her eyes and smiled stating 'Crikey they are huge', causing more titters from the waiting customers.But then the waiting ladies burst out into uncontrollable laughter when I replied to The checkout chick.

"I Wish I could get mine to grow as large as these".

A red faced vest exits the store amid more laughter.

True story by vest.


Anonymous said…
Dont worry Vest
medical science has progressed

yours can be made as huge as mine
Anonymous said…
Hi Parnika
u selling?
Did she turn red?

by the way, neat info about the Fauklins War. I was offline the past few days, but still wouldn't have guessed.
Anonymous said…
I am not convinced about size being all important, to suggest it becomes the size mentioned in your post may be too much for the wearer and the bearer.
you show me yours and I show you mine--you first.
Davoh said…
Size isn't important. Mighty Oaks come from acorns .. heh. (and yer, did have a think about playing with those words, but thought them better left as is). Cheers, D.
Anonymous said…
May your veges live long and prosper ... quality AND quantity. Cool!
Anonymous said…
You sailors are all the same - long hair - no money and always fruity.
Anonymous said…
Dont judge by the harvest you reap...but by the seeds you plant.
Anonymous said…
its not length
girth is important

my girl told me
Anonymous said…
Size does matter........
Drink-driving mother lets toddler take the steering wheel
A drunk mother from Cincinnati, Ohio, was arrested after she was caught letting her one-year-old son drive her car.
Marya Green, 29, was pulled over in a Goshen Township trailer park by cops for driving suspiciously – little did they realise she was only pushing the pedals as her tiny tot steered.
After failing a roadside sobriety test, Green was later found to have a 0.11 per cent blood alcohol level, way above the legal limit of 0.08.
A police spokesman said: “Let’s be honest, a one-year-old child doesn’t have the skill to drive a car.
We all know that. But he was riding, the hands were on the wheel. She was allowing him to steer.”
Sheer stupidity of letting a nipper take the wheel aside, why was the youngest kiddy deemed the best candidate for designated driver when there were two other kids, aged five and eight, in the back seat?
Even if the child shows signs of motoring prodigy to rival Lewis Hamilton, Green must have been knocking back some mighty powerful booze to take The Beatles’ lyrics at face value.
Baby you can drive my car, indeed…

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