Hope Not Hate 2008. This will keep you busy.

Hope Not Hate 2008

Ryan Giggs: You must speak out on abusers
For Manchester Utd star Ryan Giggs having a black father meant he suffered racial abuse as a child.

Our two-week grand tour to beat racism
After two weeks on the road a journey that began in Liverpool city centre ends today when the Daily Mirror’s Hope not Hate bus arrives in Brixton, South London.

Rio Ferdinand: Football is a great way to defeat the racists
The latest England football captain personally experienced racism but refused to suffer in silence.

Hope not hate bus ends tour with concert

Music is the food of hope

Ainsley Harriott: The magic of food brings us together

10 reasons you should not vote for the BNP

Stars, writers, union leaders and athletes urge a vote for tolerance

PM backs the Mirror's message to kick out bigotry

Rockers hit Brixton Academy to rally against racism

Hope not hate: Vote for equality, freedom and hope - By Gordon Brown

The Levellers and Alabama 3 for Rock Against Racism

Sir Alan Sugar's sidekicks fired up for Mirror's Hope Not Hate campaign

Emmerdale cast backs Hope Not Hate campaign

Foodies join our Hope Not Hate tour for hotpot and sushi

Corrie stars turn out to back our campaign bus

Hope Not Hate 2008: In pictures

Sugababes back our Hope Not Hate anti-racism battle

Kick out the BNP for good, says David Lammy

Soccer star John Barnes kicks off our Hope not Hate bus tour 2008

Take a look at the Hope Not Hate 2008 route map

Video: Hope Not Hate - The journey begins

Hope Not Hate 2007

A land decked in glory
It’s just over a month since the Daily Mirror and Searchlight launched Hope not Hate, a special campaign aimed at celebrating modern Britain.

Ten reasons not to vote BNP
DID you know the BNP doesn’t even support the England football team because it has black players.

A road to hope: Key moments in the campaign and locations
THE KEY moments in the campaign and locations.

more hope not hate 2007
Hope Not Hate Video

Video: Hope Not Hate 2008 - The key moments in the campaign
The Daily Mirror campaign Hope not Hate has been touring Britain – celebrating modern Britain and visiting lots of different communities in a 1964 Leyland open-topped double decker bus.

Hope Not Hate video diary: Brixton
Our anti-racism bus reaches South London.

Hope Not Hate video diary: Day 10 - Victoria Park
At Victoria Park for the hope Not Hate Carnival.

Hope Not Hate video diary: Day 9 - Dagenham

Hope Not Hate video diary: Day 8 - Wembley

Hope Not Hate video diary: Day 7 - London

more hope not hate video


Anonymous said…
I am not as crazy as I look
no way I am gonna click on all those links
Anonymous said…
its about time the British woke up

Indians suffer a lotta racial abuse in UK and USA

if there is an exodus of Indians to their homeland

the NHS will collapse
u need Kerala nurses

Indian whiz kids in software
u need them too

the Potels
u need them too

if the sardars leave
u wont get a cab easy

the 7-11 stores will close

it will be doomsday for the UK and USA economy
Keshi said…
Is this post from Bob HOPE? ;-)

hey nice one Vesty.

btw come ask God a qn in my blog woohoo!

Anonymous said…
I have been reading on these links on and off for over four hours today, all of it non stop interesting happenings, I will resume tommorrow.
I do realize that it is mainly minority groups who create mayhem within the masses.
Anonymous said…
Here's hoping a good outcome for change in 2008.
Vest said…
Aggie: Hope springs eternal,X.

Ldl: I have spent four and a half hours shopping and driving in driving rain today and am at this moment in time totally stuffed, shall take a decko tomorrow.

Keshi: Your prayers answered, just gave his divinity a serve on your blog.X.
Anonymous said…
u silly fool
God made the chick
and she laid an egg
Anonymous said…
2008 is here Aggie
I dont see no change

the bombings still go on in Iraq
the dot bursters surface off and on

K still blogs every day
the daily gaggle still gaggles

its a paper no body reads
Vest said…
Anon: Your incence shaking men in white and purple dresses have deemed your so called creator made both male and females of all species in order to procreate and have little ones, However, I am not too sure in your case. But for your first Biology lesson we go to the Male & Female chooks.
The Cock straddles the Hen and orgasms; mixing his seed with hers.
The Cock crows "Cock a doodle do", which in chook lingo translates to, "Was that good for you too darling?" the Hen replies by cackling loudly and laying an egg followed by more and after 21 days tiny fluffy chicks are hatched who later get star billing at Colonel Sanders KFC and the Red Rooster show.
So now you know it is a fact that the Cock came first after crossing the road for that fowl reason.
Anonymous said…
Rooster Prozac

Why was the rooster so unhappy?

Because he only got laid once and it was by his mother.
Vest said…
I was on my way to the club; feeling happy and tolerant to my fellow man...Getting into a fight was the last thing on my mind...Wasn't even on the horizon...I was in a great mood...And then I rear ended a car.
So there we are alongside the road and slowly the driver gets out of the car..and (and you know how you get so stressed and life-stuff seems to get funny)? Yeah, well, I could not believe it...He was a DWARF!
He storms over to my car, looks up at me and says,"I AM NOT HAPPY!"
So I look down at him and say,
"Well, which one are you then?"...
And thats when the fight started.

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