Whites at the Front Blacks at the back, and it Aint Alabama its London

Teacher lined up pupils by skin colour for photo.

A head teacher admitted "an error of judgment" was made after children were made to line up according to their skin colour for a class portrait. Actually it was nothing less than a total cock up.
Children burst into tears when they were split into rows according to their race, with white children at the front, and black at the back, leading to complaints from parents.
The head teacher of Sandhurst Junior School in Lewisham, south-east London will be writing to every parent to apologise, after dozens complained. And so she bloody well should.

The incident last week involved more than 100 children aged seven to 11.
Nine-year-old Cameron Amoah said he spoke out when he was segregated from his white classmates and was told to "get to the back" with the other darker-skinned children.
"We were told: 'all the white kids come to the front, mixed race in the middle, and dark-skinned at the back.'
"One of my friends is mixed race so he stood in the middle. But the teacher told him his skin was dark so he should go to the back row. He was really confused and upset. The photographer was trying to make everyone laugh, but some kids were crying."
Ann Andrew, told how her 10-year-old daughter Angela came home crying after the incident. She said: "The children were so confused. They don't see colour, they just see their classmates."
Val Hughes, the head, admitted staff had made an error of judgment.
She claimed the photographer had arranged the children by skin tone to avoid having to readjust his reflector screens. But she said: "Contrary to reports, the children were not upset in any way and really enjoyed having their photos taken."


Vest said…
when we all become grey, it will be light greys at the front of the Bus, dark greys at the back.
Anonymous said…
Hey Jim- come and sit at the back ov the bus wiv me.
Keshi said…
**'all the white kids come to the front, mixed race in the middle, and dark-skinned at the back.

Im not surprised...cos some WHITE ppl only have WHITE matter...not GREY matter.

black or white, if u dun hv a brain, ur pitiful.

Vest said…
Keshi: Its because whites are superior,(Just kidding) - dont hit me - sorry, xxx you are superior too.l y

Wally, the colourful aboriginal identity from Redfern Sydney. I am pleased you have found a soul mate in Jim from Mumbai to share the back seat.
Jim said…
I am not black Wally
I am brown
a lighter brown

i dont mind being called black though

negros are super men
they have more muscles
are good with music and dancing
and their thing is huge

all white women dream of a black lover
Anonymous said…
Psssst VEST
u need to do an HNT
to attract Aggie

she dont visit much these days
will u have to take permission from Rosemary?
Vest said…
Anonymous: The anthropocentric leanings between myself and those I choose to communicate with should not be your concern.

There is only one success - to be able to live your life in your own way and not give others absurd, maddening claims upon it.

Have a thoughtful day.
Keshi said…
lolz Vest I still love ya!

Vest said…
Keshi: Do you remember this Peter Sellars & Sophia Loren song?

:My heart goes boomtidy boomtidy boomtidy boom-Oh goodness gracious me, xxx.
Keshi said…
lolz no...but it sounds like a hoot! :)


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