No Size Twelve's on Hong Kongs Hangers Creating a Death Wish.

Suicidal over clothes shopping
SHOPPING for clothing can be depressing for those not happy with their weight, but some women admit the task leaves them feeling suicidal.
A survey of Hong Kong women found that four per cent have contemplated suicide because they cannot find clothes to fit.
In Australia, the average size hovers around 12 and finding large sizes can be difficult in many shops.
The survey comes as Australian Fashion Week organisers announced they will not put a ban on using models that are "too skinny", despite the deaths of two international models in recent months.
Almost half of the women questioned in the Hong Kong survey confessed that they were often too big for shop sizes in their country, despite being a medium size.
Of these, about seven out of 10 blamed limited sizes in shops, which often used ultra-thin models and displayed only extra-small sizes.
The survey conducted by the Eating Disorder Association questioned 600 women aged above 16 in the city of 6.9 million people.
It found 85 per cent of women had tried to lose weight to fit into off-the-peg clothes, and 66 per cent were sensitive about other people looking at them because they could not find a size to fit.
The results show how unhealthy the trend for thinking thin has become in Hong Kong, said Eating Disorder Association executive officer Philippa Yu.
Yu blamed the fashion industry for making smaller sizes, so that even normal-sized women find large sizes too tight.
The association is urging manufacturers to provide a wider range in sizes and to follow the lead of countries like Italy and Spain, which have banned the use of too-thin models with a body mass below average.
Hong Kong, like many developed countries, has seen its people become fatter in recent decades, largely as a result of more sedentary lifestyles and a switch from the traditional Chinese diet to more Western-influenced eating, with higher fat and more fast food.
However, fashion stores still stock sizes for the traditional slender Asian frame.
Bloggers are falling into the Fat Trap. If you are reading this you will be aware of the fat factor created by your sitting on your Bot for hours on end, bloggings sedentary lfestyle is bound to put a heap of unwanted pork on your normally size 12 stalk, I am cutting down on the time spent in front of this computer and using the time saved cycling or other exercise, as a result I feel and look healthier.
Hong Kong people with their appetite for the PC and grease burgers are fast becoming the fatties of the orient with even less space to move around than there was 40 years ago when I lived there with my UK Ex pat Family for 27 months. The population in ' Fragrant Harbour-H Kong has doubled to more than six million. Sadly our beautiful apartment 9 floors up overlooking the Happy Valley Racecouse is no more after a life of 41 years.


Vest said…
This is an excerpt from my memoirs. Going back a bit.refers to our H K stay.

This outpost of the British Empire was greatly favoured by our family. We especially appreciated its social and recreational activities. The consumption of Chinese food was minimal by our family due to the unhygienic methods used for its preparation (like Peking duck hanging out in the sun with flies buzzing around.) There were also other unseen, unacceptable culinary activities like the mysterious ingredients in oriental cooking. It has often been said that Malta was the island of wells, bells, and smells, but it pales when compared to the smells floating around Hong Kong’s streets. There are some you can live with and others that strike deep fear into you. The most horrendous for me was the Jordan road pig market on a hot day.
Access to all pleasurable activities was made easy by having an ‘Amah,’ a casual servant who, in exchange for time off during the day and the use of our television, would baby sit during the evening.
Our friend and next-door neighbour (who later became a Lieutenant RN) had left the door to his flat open one day. His wife and my Mary had taken the children to the market. I had arrived home from the base and hearing a strange noise coming from his flat, I quietly investigated and without being discovered left discreetly; after observing him bonking his Amah. Another tenant who had been listening told me, “It’s been going on for some time now; but keep it to yourself”. I did. Neither his wife or Mary knew or found out about it, and our friendship continued long after we returned to England. We lost touch after 1970 when they became divorced.
The ‘Bonking’ of Amah’s, was a local sport; so it seemed, but our unattractive aged Amah was not a turn on for me, in any case when Mary chose her, I told Mary, Ah Sun looked ugly. Mary replied, “In that case Ah Sun will do fine”.
For a while, Mary had a part-time job selling advertising space to Chinese and other local traders.
In December, we moved to married quarters on Hong Kong Island, where we lived on the eighth floor of Bremer House in Wong Nei Chong Road. Opposite to our front balcony was the grandstand of the Happy Valley racecourse, where the children would play soccer in winter. I remember Christopher running around the track, which was about one mile, or one and a half kilometres. Christopher and George attended Victoria school near the city. Henry stayed at home with Mary or the Amah.
Just memories.
Anonymous said…
It's strange that none of these clothing companies have picked up on the marketing opportunity of labeling size 20 as size 12
Jay said…
Everybody needs a complex, right?
Jim said…
this is sad
dieting to fit the designer dresses

in India we dont have this problem
the sari and petticoat fits all

but if u want to get your butt into jeans
u have to diet
or go for tailoring your clothes

tailors are not too expensive here
Jim said…
Bonking your Amah (ayah)

I have a real doll of an ayah
she is much much sexier than my woman

she looks suspiciously at me when i look at her curves

I got into her good books by giving her money on the quiet on festivals

she is a middle aged spinster
no i havent bonked her

Anonymous said…
The word bonking to me seems more acceptable than the 'F' word,I shall be bonking more often in the future. Jim you should put the hard word on to your domestic spinster, remember jim darling, a faint heart never won a fair maiden, so get cracking--I mean bonking.
Vest said…
Jay: Absolutely right. The complexities within my complex are so complicated from within and outward in both lateral and vertical directions.
BTW: I love my complex, it has an added variety of music too; if or when

Son of vest: great Idea. Now think of a fool proof method to stop smoking, and over-eating, and abide by them.

Amy and Jim: thanks for the comments , "Carry on BONKING"
Keshi said…
well Im not surprised. Cos even I feel suicidal at times when shopping :) even tho Im a Aus size 10-12. Most clothes these days r made for Stick-thin size 6. Is that even a size??

Vest said…
Keshi: For a grown woman, a size six should read SIZE
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
I hope he dont find out it was me - i cant swim or fight crocs ;)))
Anonymous said…
Size Matters.

Mens sizes are usually small medium and large for clothing but not their physical attributes.
Vest said…
So it seems we have a frustrated mob of bloated biddies bimbling blindly around looking for the bigger bra or blouse to cover their obese bodies. If you reside in Strayer(OZ) we have 'Millers' a female fashion store(everywhere) catering mainly for all sizes to 20 but mainly less expensive clobber to suit the less fastidious middle aged bimbo.
Then we have 'Katies' a little more upmarket, together with a host of other lesser known but quality clothing outlets.
'Katies' also have boutiques for the bigger bosomed birds, trading as 'Sixteen to Twenty Six'.
If all else fails try something more exotic, an 'Indian Sari' One size fits all.
"Have a lovely day Ladies" XXX.
Anonymous said…
VnrsAe The best blog you have!
Anonymous said…
SKnCez write more, thanks.

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