Want to be a KIWI ?. Fascist Americans, And fat Aussies. Hey !! Are you Uneducated,like Me?,

People wishing to become Kiwi's, New Zealanders that is, will be taught N Z values before they are allowed in. This initiative has been launched in an attempt to avert tension and violence between locals and newcomers as well as those already settled.
Federation of islamic associations of New Zealand president Javed Khan said he welcomed the education plan, as long as it did not evolve into a series of compulsory tests.
More is the pity the Australian Fed govt can't pull its finger out and co-ordinate a similar set of values for indigenous New Zealanders arriving here willy nilly without residential permits. About 3% of the population of New Zealand are now domiciled in Australia. Most of the males are employed in the security businesses like bouncers in clubs; due to their overpowering body size.

Australian prisoner of war, David Hicks say's his time of illegal imprisonment by the American global terrorists in Guantanamo Bay concentration camp; was a torture, the like of which was endured by inmates of Nazi Germany's WW2 Concentration camps or those confined in the various "Gulags" of Soviet Russia era notoriety. All though well fed and probably with a few extra gobs from his jailers to make the gravy go further, it seems the abominable brutal yanks were trying to feed him - rather than starve him - into submission. "Seig Heil" GWB. jr.

Australia's "Right wing One Nation party leader Pauline Hanson the former fish and chip shop owner and bed pal of party follower David Oldfield, admitted that she was uneducated, but insisted that success that came without any formal education, can be held somehow to be a badge of honour.
And it is no dishonour to have been denied the privilege of a higher education, in our history, there is no shortage of Australians who have achieved great distinction despite humble beginnings and a lack of formal education opportunity. Ms Hanson may consider she is among their ranks. Those with higher education skills, Mainly brought about by being fortunate to have wealth or position in life, and who scoff at the efforts of those they consider lesser when they make an effort to display their limited skills in their own style, are merely grammatical bores who consider a Greek or Latin word adds weight to their opinion, [Z Fish, take notice you nasty little worm]

A FAT, satisfied workaholic who enjoys spending and technology, and wouldn't trust oil companies as far as he could throw them. I would say that's about the average snapshot of today's Fair dinky di Australian. Australians are more satisfied with their lives than ever before, and 2007 is the year of feeling comfortable, but also of tough choices, the vast majority of Australians are very satisfied with their lives and did not want to work less, also married people were more satisfied with their lives than singles. How long have you been married, are you happy ? Or if not let me Know why. Anyhow, everyone have a great day .Vest daily gaggle.


Anonymous said…
Hi vestie,Congrats on winning the club trivia quiz, smart ass. how many times is it now.
Icommented on Z F's blog and was nice to you, as you deserve it, see ya tonight luvs ya xxx
Anonymous said…
Hey mr vest i really fancy Pauline hanson shes real horny looking
Vest said…
hello Kate, yes I did notice you on ZF, Its surprising what some stupid yanks can create from a simple nothing. Sales up again I reckon. See you at the Hally.

Wally. All you are after is a feed of her 'fish and chips' naughty boy, 'Smack!!
Anonymous said…
Ok. There was a lot in that post. I'll see if I can get it all out in order...

I do not think that people being made to learn a little about the history of Australia is a bad idea, however I do think that we need to look in our own backyard too. Did you know that a survey conductedin Australian Schools asking what Australia Day was about returned more blank looks and definitions of Australia Day being a "public holiday with fireworks" or "something to do with lotto" than anything else. I don't remember what the stat was off the top of my head, but an alarming number of students in our school did not know the true meaning of Australia Day. 'Tis sad.

Regarding David Hicks... I can't say that I feel one once of sympathy for the guy or what he has been through. He looked pretty well fed to me, and for him to compare his confinement for training to kill 'his own' to the treatment of inmates of the Nazi WW2 concentration camps is completely rediculous, and insulting to those who were imprisoned during WW2. He is being punished for doing something bad, not for being Australian.

As for Pauline Hanson... ugh. She irritates me. I see no room or reason for a woman like that in our or any political party. I cannot speak for others, but when puch comes to shove I would much rather someone who can string an educated and constructive sentence together when asked a question at a press conference, than someone who just blinks at the camera with a confused look on her face. Higher education or not, that is not who we should have in a position of power in my opinion. Others may disagree.

To answer your question, we have been together for 7 years, married for 3, and have a 5.5 month old son. I could not be happier. Not even if I tried.

Enjoy your weekend Vest...
Anonymous said…
My favourite friends would include several shipmates I am in close contact with who served with me while in the British Royal Navy ..going back a fair bit. There is also the silence of my age, too full of wisdom for the tongue to utter it - in words intelligible to those who have not lived-the great range of my life.

Anonymous said…
if so, how long have you succumbed to wedded bliss smarty
Vest said…
jds rose, just returned from the club , mind unclear at present talk to you tomorrow.

anon , yep, most of anon comments are cock and bull thank you for the reminder.

Jacob, I ask the questions in this case, you provide the answer, Cross my palm with silver and I will reveal all.
Anonymous said…
Great post mate, but did we not dissect horny Pauline in the past.
? Mike.
Vest said…
Jd's rose; Ask, "How many points on the stars of the Australian flag"? A few failures can be expected.
Now David Hicks. We should not prejudge the guy, however I believe he has little chance of proving him self to be innocent.

Jd's rose and ldl:
Pauline Hanson, brings to my mind the word Anarchy. Although she and others like her are entitled to lawfully express their political views, her depth of knowledge in the political arena makes her food for the lions. A banner waving revolutionary devoid of direction, not to be followed to the death.

Jacob: Don't be cheeky, ok.
Stats are 53.75 yrs same beautiful lady, Rosemary, J. Issue includes 5 Sons,7 g/daughters,1 G/son. 2 G/G Daughters.

Everyone have a lovely day.
Anonymous said…
So DAVID OLDFIELD failed a lie detector test about a sexual relationship with Pauline Hanson.
Who's Surprised? but really so what? They had an affair. They were both single and consenting adults., no big deal. What's sunk Oldfield though, and importantly his wife, Lisa, is their needless and spiteful attack on Pauline Hanson.
Anonymous said…
Our Miniature Leader Wee John Howard welcomed David Hicks lenient sentence. "I am pleased the matter has been resolved" said Wee jonnie, "It will help no end to resurrect my flagging support in the forthcoming election.
Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd said
"We 'The labour Party' are not defenders of Mr Hicks, we are a defender of his legal rights."
Brownie and herbocongoligist etc Bobbie Greeny Brown claims, Its a complete rollicking farce.
"This is more about saving Mr Howard's Political Hide, than about justice for David Hicks.
Vest said…
Oh please. "There's a spider on your collar".

Dave. "Your shoelace is undone".

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