The New South Wales State Elections will take place Saturday March 24-07, Remember the public are always the losers whatever the result

A Wild West U/S Town was in a pre election frenzy. The two main Antagonists were a Democrat(labor) bloke wearing red and the republican (conservative) in blue.Rolling into town was the Medicine man with his horse and cart.Both political candidates challenged the medicine man on the validity of his claim, that, his Blue and Red medicines cured certain types of illness at differing times of the year.He Stated. The Red medicine was made from the bark at the top of the LACITILOP tree at the height of summer. The Blue Medicine was made from the bark at the bottom of the LACITILOP tree during the depths of winter.These medications are very similar to those you pollies propose to inflict on the general public, during your pathetic efforts to cure the financial woes of the state.But the truth is, MR RED if you allow him, will skin you from the earholes down.MR BLUE I am certain, will skin you from the toe nails upward.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
I luv erection days.
Vest said…
Wan Kee, ok then I'll let in but dont let it get worse.
Vest said…
Sadie Lou. I was unable to comment on your blog due to the word verification malfunction.

I sometimes wonder how people with dependant children find the time to indulge in time consuming blogging. Although I am retired with an elderly wife and two adult sons living within the same household, each of us contributing to the domestic chores, I still find that there is never enough time to complete my regular responsibilities. I estimate I spend 10 hours weekly blogging, 15 hours weekly reading mail books and newspapers, 2 hours weekly on charity work(non physical) About 15 hours per week domestic duties inc cleaning repairs shopping fiddling with car, plus 10 hours wkly spent on unschedualed time wasting activities like answering telemarketers, door callers ie various faith industry missionaries and survey freaks.
How does your week compare with mine, hope you can find time to reply, Vest.
Anonymous said…
Both of the top contestants for the labour and liberal leadership are as useless as a blind persons free ticket to a silent movie.
Vest said…
Comments from known friends and associates may be sent by email until further notice, these if suitable will be pasted into the comment thread of your choice if requested. Most of you have already been informed by E mail the reason for this decision.

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