Unforgettable, and Vest remembers St Patricks day in New York

It was during the spring of 1965 when my ship the HMS VERYLAM had called into Hamilton, Bermuda, After being ripped off being charged three bucks for a haircut and later a meal at the services club, I met the local barber in the Ace of Spades club. Most of the guys in the club were either well tanned or locals. after asking what price he pays for a haircut one local told me I had been seen off. I then told the barber that he owed me a beer at least for being dishonest, he then told me as I was a Honky and as a bloody tourist I was fair game and I had a gall to bail him up in the local indigenous club. The barber on the receiving end of some ostracizing looks bought me a beer at the bar and then I him and he me several times until that sad moment an announcement was made that the singer 'Nat King Cole' had passed away, it was the day after St Valentines day Feb 15 1965. As a mark of respect the bar closed and most patrons finished up drinking at the 'Horse and Buggy'.
About a month later my ship was in the Sub base in New London , Conn. A 48 hour pass gave some of our crew a chance to visit New York. the 123 mile journey was interesting , the main scenery was the garbage strewn alongside the railway track. We arrived at Pennsylvania Station, Near 33rd St and it was a riotous St Patricks Day, green everything including the beer, don't ask what happened later, all I remember is getting the train from Grand Central the following day back to New London , oh before I forget, I learned that day it was also Nat King Cole's birthday being celebrated on St Patricks day too, born I believe in 1919.
Our last port of call was Guantanamo bay in Cuba on April 3 1965. My previous visit to Cuba was April 21 in 1958 while serving on the HMS Ceylon. I am constantly reminded when I hear the song by 'Dragon' circa 70's, 'APRIL SUN IN CUBA'. and wonder how many visitors to Cuba have seen the April Sun more times than David Hicks.

La Paz: Fidel Castro will return to Cuba's presidency on April 28, Bolivia's leader Evo Morales said yesterday. Castro 80 will resume official functions at the third Bolivarian alternative for the Americas, or ALBA, a co-operation between venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia.

Vest Daily Gaggle.


Jim said…
old soldiers never die
they just fade away
Anonymous said…
All the best folk are born on St. Patrick's Day ... lol! Includin me. Ha!
Vest said…
Aggie: Happy Birthday Pretty Lady.
Anonymous said…
Vestie reading your amorous adventures you certainly led the life of 'Riley' you horny devil. xxx
Vest said…
Hi gorgeous Kate. Incidents and words that open our eyes to the world are always the easiest to remember.

My birth date is July 16. Also we can include the following on that date.
The Atom Bomb test 16-7-45
Apollo 11 Moonshot 16-7-69
Mohammedan calender starts 16-7-622.
Jim said…
Saturday, March 17, 2007
Happy St Patricks day


Posted by Jim at 9:52 PM 0 comments
Vest said…
From the USA.
Vest said...
Below is my comment on tshsmom's blog in sticksville Minnesota, which will be deleted no doubt. To view her blog. Google tshsmom How wonderful!Your affinity to dogs will now become legendary.
I feel so happy for your exposure within the literary world.
I recommend you request the author to work on a pussy cat tale, the main villain a Tom Cat called Great white bear, and the heroines, the lady pussies being named after the seven mentioned on this post Notta, Bridget, Jeanie, SME, Courtney, Gardenia and VAN-Voy the gay cat. The plot closes when the dastardly GWB the Ginger Tom has his testimonials chewed off by the local cat hating bitser bitch Tshsmom, A T A L H E AFTER. Fini. Have an enthralling day puddytats. X..

This comment is available on vests latest post. Chow puddies.
BBC said…
Interesting blog. Mine has been up for almost a year, and I'm thinking I will retire it and get on with life instead of wasting it on the net.

Summer is coming, beaches and camping.
It's Imm said…
In the United States its called a 'Railroad' track not a Railway track. So stay on the right track and don't re-name something that someone else has named.

Things are called by the name that its ownner/inventor/parent called it only an arogant/ignorant/jealous fool would change it because their ego is bigger than their brain.
Vest said…
Its imm: Ref the previous comment.
So its off with my head for making a dastardly mistake. Oh no, not as such; sweet 29 year old rabbit and hamster owner, who also lives in Canada. I shall not return your compliment as I know you to be unlike that which you referred to me as being. Your remark was made in anger, due to being mentioned as a concubine Cat of the Ginger Tom Cat G W Bear.
Now for your untimely cock up, Ms Know-all.
England. The Rocket. The engine which made the first trial ever, was the Rocket of Mr R Stephenson the son of George Stephenson, the original engineer of the RAILWAY.
Present day in U/K called railway lines.
In OzStrayer they are mainly called Railway lines, occasionally tracks, but not railroad tracks.
So miss muffet it seems you jumped the gun and it was the wankee doodles in uncle sam land who changed the name. Have a lovely day, ems in reverse.
Vest said…
bbc: Bill don't completely retire from blogging, there is always some input for you to share with others, there is always some thing in our minds we have to release to the world, I will call on you soon.
Vest said…
Rail line motorist escapes charges
Last Updated: Thursday, 08 March 2007, 13:43 GMT

A woman who drove on to a RAILWAY LINE after following directions from her satellite navigation system will not face prosecution, British Transport Police (BTP) said.

The 52-year-old, from Dorking, Surrey, was waiting at a level crossing at Norman's Bay, near Eastbourne, East Sussex, on January 16 when the device told her to turn left. (Could this woman actually be a Dork?)

She drove her silver Ford Fiesta on to the track at 7:30pm, blocking train services between Brighton and Hastings, a BTP spokeswoman said.

The unnamed woman was investigated for obstructing the railway and driving without due care, but police decided that pursuing a case against her would not be in the public interest.
PC Christine Holyoake, from Brighton BTP, said: "We have looked into the matter, including inquiries into any fault with the sat-nav device and have come to the conclusion that there was no fault and that taking into consideration that it was dark when the incident occurred, that the woman had made a bad but honest mistake.

"A prosecution is not in the public interest and the matter is now closed.
And that little yarn Will surely provide proof that the term Railway lines existed long before the septic tanks changed it to railroad tracks in uncle sam land.
Anonymous said…
Hi vestie--iv'e been to the IMM blog but its a dead end , nothing there-who you reckon it is?
Anonymous said…
Three bucks for a haircut is shit cheap you old skinflint.
Anonymous said…
Wally you silly boy it was 1965 and prices have risen about 15x100 per cent meaning $45.00 equiv for a haircut, you are not very bright are you wally, are you still at school?. We all have our misgivings and I am aware that Mr Vest is far from being a meanie wally and I suggest you apologize to Mr Vest please.
S.M. Elliott said…
Uh, nope. "Imm" is not me. Trains bore me to death - I saw far too many of them as a child.
But go ahead and call him Miss Muffet. I'll bet he hates that. ;D
Vest said…
Several people have E mailed me requesting info on my last comment from America, Google [tshsmom] blogsite to clarify, ok.

In addition from America, the latest comment Which WILL be deleted by tshsmom is as follows.

Vest said...
What a load of gushing platitudes for a non entity, a world of self blowing trumpets from a bevy of bone idle strumpets. have a wonderful self glorifying day.


This will be deleted on tshsmom blog read again at [vest]

3/19/2007 5:51 PM
Vest said…
sme: Thank you for your sweet reply in answer to my sardonic accusation. Normally the innocent are more dissentious than guilty persons, which leads me to believe you could be fibbing even now.
Awarded benefit of the doubt with reservations. My regards to bunnykins.
S.M. Elliott said…
Well, if "Imm" ever gets around to posting something, you'll see he's...whoever he is. An American railroad fanatic, apparently.
Anonymous said…
Sorry mr vest for being rude to you, i like the new post and your comment about PD,he's about as popular as a bad orgasm,
Vest said…
sme: whoever he is, creo faltar pendejo. vere`mos.

Wally: apology accepted now be a nice person like er er er sme.

Fidel Castro Ruz: You are an asshole.
Fidel arr on this planet 28 days after me, he is a Fridays child which also applies to me (If you know me well enough)but Fidel born out of wedlock and a right one at that, fails in the loving and giving area. Cuidar of that we know of, beware of he who will follow.
Vest said…
Comments from known friends and associates may be sent by email until further notice, these if suitable will be pasted into the comment thread of your choice if requested. Most of you have already been informed by E mail the reason for this decision.

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