IT seems that some one must have the last word, my detractors in the far north and in Uncle Sam land just cannot forget the drubbing I have handed out to them, I am still being pilloried and insulted in the most derogatory manner by these blogging Strumpets who possess little wit or wisdom and rely on a barrage of filthy obscenities to get their bullying messages across.
These old Harridans have had the gall to even suggest that I was romancing a particular old Bat who goes by the title Nancy Drool, who used to E mail me daily call me darling with lots of hugs. How any one could fall for any of these aged hags makes me wonder, Nancy is a 60 year old pill popping Pizza yaffling junkie, divorced, unwanted Creep and some times purveyor of Irish mick godliness, who lives with a cat , is always skint but brags about a 60K income, the rest of these old bag ladies have in the most all received a drubbing from me so it shall suffice.
I believe these people are totally envious of my achievements, my world travel was done under duress with the British Navy and any other achievements by sheer hard work. and for someone to recently suggest I was born with a silver spoon is hideously incorrect, I was a ward of Dr Barnardo's Home's as from the age of five years, my father dying when I was three.
During my early years I became suspicious of people flaunting poppycock and non plausible or non scientific subjects, I grew up from the age of ten with an aversion to discipline when I was dragged into a militarized academy preparatory school, since I have had a lifelong suspicion of all traditional authority, my reasons for this were abundantly clear, gleaned from down to earth experience of being taught by ill informed dogmatic theistic dyed in the wool teachers, afraid to speak out for fear of losing their posts.
My reading of popular scientific books convinced me that most of the stories in the bible were untrue, the consequence was a positively fanatic orgy of free thinking, together that, I was being intentionally deceived by the state through lies. This crushing impression made it clear to me that the religious paradise of my youth was thus lost. Most of my life I have attempted to free myself from an existence dominated by wishes, hopes and other primitive feelings, although the relinquishment of love for my spouse and family was never in the order of things. It is a natural law that nothing lasts forever, that systems collapse, that order decays into disorder, the slow but remorseless grinding of time, like the work of wind and water, will eventually reduce every thing to atoms.
That's the way of the world and the universe, and we are all of us trapped by that inescapable imperative. For all of us - some as yet unforeseen scientific discovery - and for all our works, the END IS indeed NIGH. Vest.

Have a Wonderful Christmas.


Anonymous said…
"Zounds" Oh Master of great words, can stirring at its best.
So you are not slowing down during the silly season.
Vest said…
LDL; Yes I shall, but tonight I had to pop out for a promo at the club, sort of busy for the next week or so, I dont expect too many callers or comments for that matter.
Anonymous said…
hi vestie, I notice them old biddies are still sniping at you so im adding another 6 things that tshs does.

Showers every month.
Cleans her teeth with spray an wipe.
Wears hobnail boots.
Shops with food stamps at the salvation army.
Shaves her face and legs.
Chews Tobacco.

See ya xxx
Vest said…
Kate go to sme blog, pick it out from the tshs blog, go anon and type your last comment on the sme blog. Dont forget N Y EVE at the Halekulani B C. Tired ; Bed.

B T W Everyone: Contact by Email only, for any private issues.
Vest said…
Last week it was the Mormons before that it it was the Baptists and the church of baloney, so today was the turn of the Seven day Wonders, I having completed a recent round of charity do's and had also completed the Xmas card list 265 and finalised the Chrissy present list(I love to see their faces light up thingy)bells are ringing in my frigging ears and a nagging pain in my side, I confronted these two geezers in black and white, and before I could hold back I said it. "Why don't you get yourselves a proper F^#*^*#%g job and contribute to the welfare of desperately ill and under privileged children, piss Off'. I shut the door(slammed). Shortly after I ventured out to the front lawn to recover the Daily Telegraph (my fav newspaper)When several neighbours waved smiled and clapped, by now this saga will have been reconstructed into some several other versions of what really happened.
Anonymous said…
It is a natural law that nothing lasts forever, that systems collapse, that order decays into disorder, the slow but remorseless grinding of time, like the work of wind and water, will eventually reduce every thing to atoms

i hate prophets of Doom
i love Nancy drew and tshmom

they are both drool worthy
u r just a rejected suitor who has become nasty

u once bragged dat Nancy has a crush on u

u were obviously lieing

its 12 days to christmas
i tink u shud bathe
u smell real bad
Anonymous said…
Can any one tell me how many Christian sects are there as on today?

i just started a new one
i find the Old Testament does not jell with the New One
The Old Testament is the book of the Jews

the jews are still waiting for the messiah

He is Jesus
but the jews did not like wat Jesus was saying

he was essentially saying dat
the jewish rituals and other crap is crap

i am a Jesus freak
Vest said…
The previous caller was saby an Indian twit Who is due to be executed on the 17th Jan. I have just received four comments Anon from him, two containing obscenities and lies were deleted.
Saby, most of what you are cackling about is common knowledge to the Kneelers and prayer's of our misinformed world.
As for cleanliness only one guy showered more often than me and that was Tiny Tim (tip toe thru the tulips guy) Any case you only bathe once annually on your pilgrimage to the 'Ganges'. Tshs baths once per month (only in summer)

As for the American hags tshs and Nancy drool you are welcome to them, as they are both ugly and financially knackered, they are only interested in your dosh, your hot meat pies and sausage rolls. in your case Saby, your Twin Curry puffs and teeny spring roll.
Vest said…
I have had a quick 'looksee' around the north American blogs centralised around Nancy troll and tshs mama short for 'The Shite House Scribe momma san' I am now of the firm belief that several of them are using the same brain, their boring niceties echo similar gushing messages which have no constructive values whatsoever. Although their recent on going saga about the daily progression of a farting garage they were building was frigging boring enough, I can only assume their tittle tat contains concealed lesbian love messages.
We also have Tshs alias 'Hobnail Boots; telling people how nice she is, Yeah one of your words out of line and you will become(according to her)The biggest lying bastard in Christendom, then she and her crawling cronies will cluster and fry your chitterlings faster than a frightened fawn farting.
Dolls(Dog)face Mate;said loosely, will be crapping him self, as she is going home to Florida for Xmas.
Sme TeeHee is still without in laws and practicing you know what.
Nancy drool is still very pissed off about me knocking her back, now who would want a foulmouthed pizza chomper and unwanted over the hump divorced cat loving and drivel writing social parasite breathing down your neck every waking moment. It is of little wonder the divorce rate is high in Unclesamland, these women never compromise, just terrorise.
Anonymous said…
Saby you said it true , by all the gods in heaven you are the freaking creep of all creeps. I am now suggesting that, vest removes your manhood and sits your arse over a long spike.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your card, we hope you are all well. Doreen will be coming to Sydney in March and staying a month she is going with my sister who has a daughter living in Sydney
We will tell you more later, regards D&D.
Vest said…
My final thought for the day,

"Silence makes a woman beautiful".
Vest said…
Tweety on the sme blog. You made .a nasty remark about my family.
My suggestion for you is to get off your 29 year old size 26 xxxxL Big Fat Arsehole, give more study to your writing skills as you appear to be frightfully inane and stupid and incapable of acting alone, in other words you are a total bonehead.
Anonymous said…
Hi there Anon, your sight and sense of smell must be in a state of disorder, if you are that saby person as is suggested by someone, having trundeled with you before, you represent the lower order of us homo sapiens.
saby is someone to be avoided at all costs
Anonymous said…
Your insulting remarks in your embellished autobiography relating to Naval Officers and the degrading remarks re the Naval Uniform is nothing but insubordination.
I will email my E address for your reply in full.
Vest said…
E T Norris LT RN: I bet your nick name is chuck among other variables WR officers are referred to by the less equitable sufferers on the lower deck. So you are a LOO TENANT 'How Jolly for you' and you will be under the age of Thirty if my memory serves me correct, or if retired on pension, pretty thick not to have achieved more.
I have no intention of revealing my identity to you, but your identity will be revealed to a few of my ex shipmates, Who no doubt will put you in the picture, also you are reminded not to return here or you will really get a serve, you dickhead.
Anonymous said…
77ti0A write more, thanks.

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