So it seems you only have your selves to blame, that, my platitudes have fallen on the deaf ears of the cheats in Canberra.

Oct 4, I received a letter from people who described themseles as an offshoot of the (RSL)Returned Servicemans League. I was offered tickets for the chance to win a posh house in Queensland(Fat Chance) at $5-00 a pop. The benefits from this lottery going to Australian ex Servicemen, like legacy etc. As a British ex service man who fought for Australia during WW2, and not a gold card recipient, I wrote in reply to their letter telling them where to stuff their begging letter, why in heavens name should I be considered unworthy of recognition, yet be expected to pay the beer and poker machine expenses of some of the fit and healthy and some younger gold card recipients I know, who frequent my local clubs and pubs. Don't they get enough?
My main request is for the more senior members of ex Brit/Aus war vets to be afforded medical assistance (Gold card standard) when in dire need, not as a god given right.

Oct 6, Today I recieved a letter from a 83 year old former member of the British Pacific Fleet, there will be some editing, by me.

"When we arrived home behind the front door was your book, which by the way I havent had a chance to read yet,lt was nice of you to send it. It was a pleasure to meet Rose and yourself if only for a short time.1 found Sydney,swarming with japanese, it was just like being in Tokyo. We went to the Anzac Club and also to a new R.S.L.Club to me they were like Casino's hundred's of slot machines, nothing like our exservice club.s. We had a nice day out at Manly which we both liked, we also went on a trip to the blue mountains and the rain forest which went well. We had a good night out on the river boat show cruise, and that was full of Japanese.Over all we enjoyed Sydney, and it was nice to visit Australia. But overall most of our party thought we were made far more welcome in Singapore than Australia. We had a garden party at the high commissioner's house the band of the ghurka regiment was playing music for us. In the evening a memorial stone was was unveiled at the old British Naval base, in memory of Force Z, The HM Ships Prince of Wales and Repulse, and the East Indies and British Pacific Fleet's 1941-1945. The H.M.S.York was along side and the ship's company mixed with us, plenty of beer and wine; which were freebees, unlike the Garden Island fiasco. which in comparison was a shambles to say the least. Good job Rosemary Bowyer was there to save the day with the Whiskey Boat. You didn't meet Shirley my wife, she had an accident before we came away, we were at a service station on the motorvay having a cup of coffee,, on our way from Torquay, when the girl collecting the empties dropped a cup and it broke and cut her foot she went to hospital, and it was found she had severed a tendon and she had to have an operation, it hasn't healed properly and she has no control over her toe, and it drops under her foot, at the moment she will have to have another operation and we have a compensation case on going. + I have put my films in but I haven't had them back yet. I have enclosed a photo of Shirley and myself taken in june this year while we were on holiday in Montenegro. It took us about four days to get over the jet lag, and we both finished with heavy cold's from the air conditioning, Our next big parade is Trafalgar day which we celebrate every year, Every one on parade gets a tot of pussers and a pint of beer. We also have the Welsh Regiment on parade with us and they bring along the Goat, every one keep's feeding him carrots dipped in rum, at the end of the day he has to be carried home. Not much more to say at the moment, will keep in touch as you can imagine you'r book will do the rounds in the Navy club - Billy McGill


Vest said…
My apointment with my Local GP at 4-10 pm, I was seen at 5-05 pm and presented my X-rays (See my last post) for more info.
After the doc explaining the rammifications of my problem, I started to hear in my mind the tune of of the bugler sounding the last post.
So to really stuff up my day I was told I had an Asbestos related pleural disease, I shall not repeat what I replied to the Doctor when he asked me if I had a gold card, it took about a half hour to print copies of my previous posts and shove them in his hand.
Shortly I shall be in touch with The UK War veterans agency, from whom yesterday Glory be I received a WW2 Veterans badge, It is smaller than the Australian Medallion but better design and can actually be worn.
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Flutey, nice to hear from you.
Vest said…
Please feel free to comment on any post on this Blogsite, and E mail any post and comments.
Vest said…
Yesterday: Friday Oct 7, I received an unusual letter in the post, via JLS's PO box, presumeably extracted from this website, apart from the statement it originated from the Eastern Suburbs from a person by the name of Robert with regard to his parents and the Australian Veterans Medical Gold Card there was no address or contact advice on the letter.
Anyone reading this, Or you Robert, I would like to have more information by E mail or by posting a comment on this post, before I consider publishing that lengthy letter on my website as it seems to be a bit controversial, I shall seek advice in the meanwhile.
As a British ex service man who fought for Australia during WW2, and not a gold card recipient, I wrote in reply to their letter telling them where to stuff their begging letter

Anonymous said…
Vest. I suggest that the letter you received, from ROBERT be e-mailed to interested parties only - should you decide not to publish it on your website.
May I contact you via your e-mail address shown on this site?
Anonymous said…
Wally B, I have been in contact with Vest Who is feeling a bit crook at this moment in time, and have had a short discussion about the content of the letter, he even suggested it be sent to 'T--ke 5 or 'Th---s l--e, if Robert doesn't turn up and they reward the story to a charity of their choice,in the meantime you will have to wait and see, what and when he decides to deal with it.
Anonymous said…
please no more e mails, Vest is still pretty crook(sick)and I shall be here at his home tomorrow to assist him for a while.
For general info: No one so far has come forward claiming to be the person who wrote the letter, or the person describing himself as 'Robert, E A. So Robert or who ever you are Email me and confirm who you are, leave your phone number and vest or I will talk to you, and remember guys no more crank calls, as you will be asked to quote from the letter.(Dave on behalf of vest)
Anonymous said…
whats this lot of bollocks all about
Anonymous said…
hello anonymous, 'or is it mr bollocks himself', I suggest you read the post like any other person, we dont give individual tuition, go see your mentor KM, any more foul mouthing you will be blocked,
Anonymous said…
Anonymous, or should I correct my self and refer to you as anonyrat, you blew your cover with one word, so on your bike Big Hair Pom.
tshsmom said…
Rose, how are you guys holding up? I KNOW that this is just as hard on you as it is on Vest!
How bad is it? I've known several men with asbestos related illness and it seems to vary, based on the amount of exposure.
I wish I could be there to help out, but all I can do from here is offer moral support.
I'm sending MUCH LOVE to both of you AND your boys!!
Please give Vest a big hug and tell him it's from me!
Anonymous said…
ee must be that pommie geezer oo plays bingo viv old biddies at the brit legion.
Vest said…
(actually he did not)its Rose his wife, tshmon thanks for the sympathy,you are such a nice lady,
but the doc says, if he got off his chair at that computer and drank more water and less scotch and exercised more he will be good for a few years yet. I think it is the worry of knowing about the problem coupled with a few aches and pains due to his inactivity which has stressed him out, he's a lovable old rogue and i'll make sure he stays around for a long time yet, again tshsmom thank you for your nice message love Rose
Anonymous said…
wally b, you are probably right, and presumably mean the left wing Laproig swilling nutter who stalks the aged latte macchiato maids during bingo sessions in the Brit/Leg, ancients leg over nights.
Today I typed in half of vests new post, he finished it when he returned from the optician, whom he said, told him "I want to see you in two years", "Well in that case i'll be happy to oblige you" vest replied.

No news yet on the Strange letter.
Anonymous said…
we have received by email a similar letter we received in the post six days ago, the mystery remains, and at present we will wait until the writer turns up, seems that someone else is chasing their tail on this matter,sorry Robert you had your chance, adios. Rose, D G.
tshsmom said…
Thanks for the update Rose.

Vest, start listening to that smart wife of yours! She wants more years with you; give her that gift. Take her for a walk on the beach during one of your beautiful sunsets.
Vest said…
Since the first email arrived about 'that letter' 11-10-05, we have received another 18 to date, it appears to be finding its way around the world.
If Robert is out there, reveal yourself, you are about to become famous. I have done another email mass posting to benefit your cause.
Vest said…
We have received the letter 38 times by email, but none in the past 48 hours, robert the dag hopefully,has run out of steam.
Anonymous said…
onOMlm The best blog you have!
Anonymous said…
hVdQ74 write more, thanks.

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