Dear Mr Prime Minister Of Australia, The Hon John Howard MP.

I am left wondering, under what circumstances and by whose whimsical conception WHY ? the hard attitudes of consecutive bigoted Federal Governments of the People of Australia, have decreed that, the Magnitude of the Sacrifice and Achievements by the men of the British Royal Navy in the Pacific Theatre of war 1944-1945, by whose actions gave enormous benefit to our country Australia and its people, should be ignominously considered contentious and unequal to Australians 'Born and Bred.
Sir, If such system of measurement exists, it would be purely hypothetical and genetically passed on by successive leaders who have an axe to grind, and who better to dislike than the Boss or Mother Country, from whence we came to do our bit.
To those 'True Blue Australians' who served with us on British ships and those who crewed borrowed British ships I say well done,you deserve your Medical benefits 'GOLD CARD'.
I would also like to thank the Royal Australian Navy for their role in delivering the Mail to the Fighting Ships.
Finally Sir, it is hoped that you will find a new measure, and that, you Sir will find it large enough to enable your Government to pour a little of its comfort towards our members, if only those; who are mostly over 80 years old, and who may be in dire need, or will what's left of the strength and determination of the Brits that survived, be enough to give them the will to make it through without the Gold Card. Vest not Forget.


Anonymous said…
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Vest - Did you get a response yet?

I wrote something a month ago to my Senator and my Congressman. My Senator replied, my Congressman didn't.
Vest said…
Hi Z L. With regard to the above letter the answer is, "not yet".
The letter in question should arrive in Canberra today Monday am Oct 17, thus giving it a working week; lol; for the pollies to peruse before going into the too hard basket on friday.
Burnt - Our pollies aren't bright lot, but then, we get the politicians we deserve, no?

Does that apply for us Americans too? I hope not. :p

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