Like most of us vets did during WW2 and then choose to migrate and remain in Australia as Citizens for up to SIXTY YEARS. You will be technically referred to as 'Lower Grade Australians.'

If you put your life on the line in the defence of Australia in times of war, as did friends relatives and other colleagues of mine and who died as a result, also the other men who survived the horrors of war and chose to stay or migrate to Australia at the first opportunity and become Australians by choice, you must pass a stringent test, and on graduation you will be invited to sing, "We are-you-are-wer'e all Australians" etc.
But wait!! That is only until when you apply for The Elusive Veterans Medical benefits 'GOLD CARD'. At this point you will be informed, "Well!! you are not really Australians are you".
This degrading Gold Card fiasco is a blight on the democratic principles of the Australian Federal Govt, This type of discrimination is similar to that shown by Mr Schickelgruber ( The one balled vegetarian fascist's) anti semetic policy, and should be redressed in Federal Parliament at the earliest opportunity.
Our decendants and those of (Dare I say it) other Australian 'Caste's , will reap the benefits from our efforts to make Australia safe and a great place to live.
Vest, Octogenarian. Daily Gaggle. Proud to be Australian.


Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
This will be my last post for a while, I shall be going on a short vacation with my darling soon.
Learning to live with my recently acquired pain, It's not getting worse fortunately.See ya Vest.
Anonymous said…
where did yuo find all those ships i think you are just a lying old arsehole- you poms are very imaggining.
Anonymous said…
I am 85 years old aussie ex pow
and i came back to australia on a english aircraft carrier ship which had been in the war up in japan,the pommie sailors did a bloody good job helping australia and them being there saved lots of lives of our diggers and aussie navy pow sailors and english pow men, i cried like ababy
when we were rescued and that bloke who wrote last is a rat arsed mongrel,
Anonymous said…
More knowledge of artificial intelligence would help the aged pommie vets to persevere in their efforts to obtain the gold card, more PC knowledge would help in the quest for recognition.
I am feeling ashamed being a true blue part aboriginal that our Federal Government with the huge surplusses cannot exercise compassion to deserving minorities. come on Mr Prime minister, surely you are not as heartless as this situation points you out to be, I wish you luck , JD.
Vest said…
Whatever I have achieved by way of my attempts to bolster the sagging spirits and encourage the Non Goldies to add their unselfish support, could arguably be a total waste of my time and effort.However, much more needs to be done, and by using these Posts as a catalyst, the saga of the Gold Card can be reborn time after time.
I am very surprised that few oldies, or those representing them have responded, or have the majority succumbed to the bigoted authority of the Federal Government?
Vest said…
The anonymous caller could be a Federal member of parliament, I shall leave it there for laughs.
jenbeauty said…
That truly sucks! How can they not give you those veterans cards?! It is appauling what nations do to their veterans.
Heh, you knew what Adolf's last name should have been. I once got asked that as a trivia question.

Enjoy your vacation. The lack of gratitude for those who defended Australia isn't very inspirational for those who may have to do it again in the future.
Anonymous said…
Hi Vest. Your Blogsite, 'Daily Gaggle' looks very professional.
Although not related to Veterans Affairs, I thought you might like to caste your keen eye's and your astute sense of 'injustice' at this website. If you deem it worthy you might choose to pass it on to others who might not fail to see its relevance in the current Political/Legal climate.
http://www.wilsonsalmanac.com/hilton.html Cheers Glenn.
Anonymous said…
What is the world comming to?
wish you well
Anonymous said…
AEoALj write more, thanks.

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