Zachary Rogers has arrived in the World

The reason for this Happy announcement is, because I am Zachary's Great grand Uncle.
Congratulations to Louise and Simon


Anonymous said…
You are a sly old sea dog Mr Vest...I have commented on your posts several times...I was working on chatting you up...or maybe you did not notice...I am 44... but you must be 65 at least and on the viagra... no wonder you did not take my earlier bait...never mind congratulations you old bastard...still loves Ya C.
Vest said…
Catherine, F Meadow. I have a son who is aprox your age. He is currently dating only ladies that are your age bracket or under.Stats are 5ft 6inns to 6ft, size 12 or near NS ND GF Pleasing features,quiet and obedient no baggage with employment and a car owner.Please send photo of car. he is currently a DJ at the Palm court hotel. Corrimal, a few Kls up the road from you. Check to see when 'Crazy' is there.
Anonymous said…
I assume GF meant good fun Mr vest...and the rest i'll think about..
My comment on your original post...11-4-05 K.Parish...
It seems he is on another hiatus...this time permanently I hope...his ravings have finally taken their toll on this blasphemous preacher of undecypherable claptrap...his age and obvious creeping dementia swallowing up his ability to write together with chardonay guzzling... it seems his cork has popped at last...see ya C
Vest said…
Catherine.I took a quick gander at troppo, K P is hospice bound, (gone troppo)in the true sense,it must be terrible to become old and misunderstood, now you will have an opportunity to malign others who blog on troppo, there are several real whacko's on that blogsite, personally I am not at all interested in their unqualified political back stabbing hysteria.
Reading the first para of his post, in it he states he feels he is going mad, his cognitive statement is one I shall believe
begins with v said…
Thanks for visiting my site...your comment was so poetic, really lovely! Congrats on the arrival of Zachary Rogers! I'll visit again later.
Vest said…
No more comment on this post please.
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