A Wild West U/S Town was in a pre election frenzy. The two main Antagonists were a Democrat(labor) bloke wearing red and the republican (conservative) in blue.
Rolling into town was the Medicine man with his horse and cart.
Both political candidates challenged the medicine man on the validity of his claim, that, his Blue and Red medicines cured certain types of illness at differing times of the year.
He Stated. The Red medicine was made from the bark at the top of the LACITILOP tree at the height of summer. The Blue Medicine was made from the bark at the bottom of the LACITILOP tree during the depths of winter.
These medications are very similar to those you pollies propose to inflict on the general public, during your pathetic efforts to cure the financial woes of the state.
But the truth is, MR RED if you allow him, will skin you from the earholes down.
MR BLUE I am certain, will skin you from the toe nails upward.


Anonymous said…
The Blues will put you lefties in the Red
The Reds will give the Libbo's the Blues
Anonymous said…
In years to come we will all be colored gray with no racial problems at all
Vest said…
Greenie. We live in hope, but we will never see it happen in our lifetime.
And then it will be-- ok you lot--

Light greys please sit at the front of the Bus.
Dark greys move your arses to the back of the bus.
Ha ha. Good post. That's why I always vote third party. People keep bugging me about "wasted votes" and all that crap, but to me, choosing between a Democrat and a Republican is like choosing if I want to be kicked in the left nad or the right nad.
No thanks.

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